A beginning

Hi, I’m Zozie and I’m new to blogging!  not reading them you understand, but writing them, am I new to writing?…no! ever since I COULD  write I have loved to write, mostly in Journals.


Over the last ‘whatever’ years I have built up quite the collection of notebooks,  full of my ideas and memories, it has been little bits… and pretty much nothing (sometimes) for years at a time – but as I look at the pile I have, I can see over the years it has been a constant way for me to express myself, remember times in my life and to be an artistic outlet, more now than ever in that way. I simply love it.

I am passionate about the beauty of life, like to wallow in the goodness much as life will let me, and enjoy the little things (which as it’s said and I agree, are the BIG things).

I love reading, journaling and artistic things, along with flowers, trees and the sound of the sea whenever I can,  what about you?

Hope you would like to take some time out to relax with me in blog land and every so often I will do a post about life, about something based in the POSITIVE, and will feature some pretty/and or interesting pictures along the way. 

Lovely of you to visit. Take Care



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