Today its all about the ZOZIE COZY!!

This second blog post from me, is one in which I am sharing with you one of my favorite book genres! The Cozy Mystery..

Have always loved a mystery – a fiction mystery you understand, something ideally with low stress 

My treasured Lighthouse Library collection

Even though there are  dramatic twists and turns all the way, a book you can read like a puzzle and see if you get ideas – thus feeling very clever and a bit disappointed if you work out whodunit.:-)

Luckily for me I rarely work it out which i think is me finding brilliant authors to read (ha ha) and also of course some stories unfold in the way of well -WHEN you know that thing- all falls into place.

I admire the complexity of some mystery books, so elaborate, and the cozy mystery has really taken off for me as I have only just discovered a whole bunch of authors I never knew existed! There are so many series and I  am having fun discovering them!

Oh and the COVERS!!

So relaxing in general and a really nice piece of art, I like a paperback best with a cozy given the choice, so i can gaze at the cover and spot details, that can really attract me to buy a book (even if it shouldn’t  REALLY) but it does add to my enjoyment so that counts!

These book covers tend to be littered with pictures of books, interesting rooms and above all cats! they are some of the cutest cats ever… and what person who loves reading doesn’t like a book set in a bookstore or similar.

One of my absolute favourites so far is set in a LIGHTHOUSE library! how cool is that! oh how i imagined those different levels of books and the winding staircase, which saw some shady happenings in book 1.  The books are by Eva Gates in case you want to look them up, if you like a cozy then they are like a calorie free bar of chocolate before sleep! (but be prepared to stay awake longer as you read just one more page- yeah right!)

Will add a photo of my treasured  LIGHTHOUSE LIBRARY collection and will blog another time about further adventures into the COZY MYSTERY…I love it too much not to…..








12 thoughts on “Today its all about the ZOZIE COZY!!”

  1. Love cozies. Love to read about anything fiction or nonfiction. Best thing about cozies is they are punny. And have lovely covers. Great post, by the way.


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