Journal Love!

I love my journal…or should I say journals with an S! I have so many on the go, how did this happen, my latest journal revival was because I saw ideas of BULLET JOURNALING in Spring and got all excited, not initially… but after I saw all the ways that people were using ART in them.

My loved L1917

1 .So (after a few days practice in another notebook) I got myself an L1917 (posh notebook!) in sunny gorgeous yellow and away I went – to the table, …with my pens , pencils, stickers, post its and Boho Berry on my phone.  For those who don’t know Boho Berry is very inspirational on you tube with her arty ways of doing journal headers weather icons etc! I got totally inspired from it and liked seeing what others were doing and deciding what I wanted to do in MY journal.

2. I loved doing it all, I created page upon page most nights before bed, The table a big array of pens and papers and scissors, glue.  My amazon wish list grew with items such as ‘archival ‘ artist ink and Staedtler pens, and my creativity was growing by the day….

3. Then I saw pictures of TN’s, journal notebook holders if you will, that hold ‘inserts’ ,you could separate sections unlike it is easy to do in a notebook. I really fancied that and splashed out!

4. Love my TN, I take it with me sometimes on visits to places to say it has ‘traveled’ as that is what the T stands for… and I love it, well made and fat with noting opportunities, it is rather heavy though! I got inserts to hold pictures as I like to decorate it and make it more and more ME .

My loved Midori TN

5. Then… I saw ring bound PLANNERS… I love my TN just as much now as then… but I also have a planner now! in fact 2! but those adventures continue another day and I hope you will join me …


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