Autumn Beauty

I love Autumn, I just can’t resist loving it! ….the colours …the tastes…the feel…it has most things going for it.

It feels like renewal to me! and that often gives me a extra zest in my beauty routine, this could mean to you an overhaul or a different routine, for me it means.. relish it more!

I am not into tanning so don’t have the fading tan to shed (great exfoliators  out there.)

…but I feel like I want to pamper my skin more, maybe subconsciously I feel like my skin wants to replenish more at this time of year ready for the onslaught of cold winds and freezing temperatures…. and even the central heating. Or even to treat it after all the Summer on it!

Anyway I could talk forever on the subject of beauty products and make up, its a lot of fun, but I thought I would tell you today about two of my latest favorites, one make up, one skincare.

Firstly I love the new NAIL POLISH range by OPI – the WASHINGTON has a gorgeous array of shades for AUTUMN (limited edition) and I am currently wearing two of them, sometimes I like to wear on alternative nails .

I have two shades from the Collection called ‘Get Off The Grass’ – a gorgeous green (although strangely OPI on TV have described it as a gray! – IMO it is not!) and ‘Kerry Blossom’ which is a beautiful plum shade, I have taken pictures so you can see for yourself what the shades look like in case you go to the store to buy or mail order, also you can see them on  my fingers so you can see they are in fact very true to life colours, It is disappointing when that is not the case. 

I am very impressed with the colour and ease of application, I am not expert at getting the MOST tidy finish so excuse that!

I then move on to SKINCARE in the form of HEATHCOTE & IVORY brand, I have been so very IMPRESSED with this brand, it is reasonably priced (not cheap though) and comes presented in the MOST BEAUTIFUL reusable boxes and if you were to gift this brand it would hardly need wrapping and looks so exquisite. I use boxes from this brand for hair bands and and also another for pens.

The products I am using is, I think, newly released and is called ATLAS SILKS CLEANSING SHOWER CREAM, it is a 200ml tube and will last ages-unless you use it every five minutes 🙂 It boosts Mountain Rose, Ylang Ylang, and Patchouli – makes me feel more RELAXED just reading that. Scent is of Vanilla (yes- LOVE that), Nectarine, and Magnolia. (I’m growing one of those!)

Shower cream

I have photographed it for you and the lip butter they have released,  the LIP BUTTER is by VINTAGE &  CO  but is also labeled Heathcote & Ivory- nice, although the lip butter is just a little bit underwhelming. No real smell or taste when you apply. It is labeled with the name FLOWERS. (comes in adorable little box but you are unlikely to keep that one)

Lip Butter

Hope you have enjoyed this beauty chat, love to hear your favorites as well . Will be going back to this topic as one of my regulars. Follow if you don’t want to miss it.

Have a happy day or evening.



8 thoughts on “Autumn Beauty”

  1. I love the Atlas Silk fragrance in Heathcote & Ivory’s reed diffuser and body product set, so getting their body products individually was a no-brainer. Atlas Silks is a sweet/spicy mandarin, powdery florals and patchouli mix. It’s an amazing fragrance – I mean “mmm. I wish this were edible” amazing”. The rose and patchouli-spiced-vanilla are the strongest scent notes are the strongest to my nose, so it’s sort of like gourmet Turkish Delight. If you enjoy the original Ghost perfume, then you will love this…

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