Jump in Mid-Series?

Sometimes an offer for a book leaps out at me , I dive in, and then find there I am with a book from a series which is not book one but further down the line, I consider waiting for the others but generally with this I dive right in – no resisting!

This happened to me recently with another from my favorite genre… the COZY MYSTERY

Its called ‘NIGHT OF THE LIVING THREAD’ by Janet Bolin. (how a cozy LOVES a pun! ) and how suitable for October.

The cover describes the book well

This was one that worked for me, it sometimes doesn’t… this one I quickly got a feel for the characters and felt interested in their story, I liked the setting of Threadville, so many interesting sounding shops I fancied a series on all !… and the mystery was unusual, crazy and I could NOT work out who had done it.  It was very well written.

The cover to this book is wonderful, so perfect for the story and a really good one for book gazing. These mystery covers save the paperback genre for me! So creative and interesting. They add to the story.

Will photo my precious read and recommend it to you all, although you may want to start at book 1…unless you see an offer! đŸ™‚






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