Character Gardens

Gardens get a bit plainer when Summer flowers finish blooming, – let’s not forget that with thought the garden can stay interesting.  There are various ways to do this, Autumn plants for one..BUT this blog post is about the wonderfully fun thing, the GARDEN CHARACTER!

Yes you can give character to your garden by introducing one!

Meet our very own permanent pal ! our HEDGEHOG, he is SO CUTE and he could even be 15 years old…

Hedgehogs are so cute!

Meet our SNAIL – who eats very little! Isn’t that a cool bonus…

The cutest Snail!

and here’s another of our pals… our FROG…(he’s called Prince)

He’s a Prince!

…Prince is aging a little rapidly so not sure on the longer term but I am very fond of him.

Now these characters are mostly outside all year long, they add to my fun when I look out of my window while washing the dishes, and they always make me smile when I think of them -they have their  own little personalities! 

Its a nice bit of fun and BONUS-you can move them around the garden. Fun to give them a whole new look next to this plant or that…. they are very photogenic!

When it comes to Hedgehogs we had our own REAL LIFE visitor recently. .. who was a little naughty digging up our lawn, but he is TOO CUTE to mind much!

Are YOU tempted to go to the garden shop and give your garden CHARACTER?










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