Here is the recipe I created this year for Pumpkin Soup, so good after all that pumpkin carving – put those insides to GOOD USE, no need to waste that yummy fruit! It’s so tasty.

Pumpkin is a member of the SQUASH family and is often thought to be a vegetable, actually it is classed as a fruit, but either way sweet or savory , it can make a delicious SOUP!  Enjoy my recipe, created in my kitchen…

If you want to see how else we celebrate HALLOWEEN- see HERE for Pumpkin Carving and HERE for special HALLOWEEN TEA EVENT...

Zozie’s Pumpkin Soup

1 Put the insides of the pumpkin, medium sized used by me, into the soup maker or pan, no seeds

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This years pumpkin in the Zozie household, with a few steps for those new to PUMPKIN CARVING for themselves, ENJOY the CREATIVITY! Make it yourself…

1 Buy yourself a pumpkin, I suggest medium size as they require lots of muscle to hollow out and carve, and having tried all sizes this medium size is the pumpkin of choice!

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How to HALLOWEEN, Top 10

Welcome to Halloween, October’s great for everything spooky or everything orange.. It’s time for good natured  FAMILY FUN.

Here’s some simple ideas for you to enjoy – with a little effort HALLOWEEN can be a LOT of FUN

Family Fun for Halloween

1 Buy a pumpkin to carve, they are generally very inexpensive and good value for medium size. Check for its condition being reasonable, if it will sit flat. Fun to make your own.

Remember not to buy your pumpkin too early as it has to keep till you want to carve. Don’t put it near a heat source.

See HOW we carved ours in a Blog Post HERE

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Cozy Mystery..Well Does he?.. or she!

This book was an interesting read …it was the one you chose for me! Remember a few posts back you selected by vote out of three books?

Read here, Cozy Choice ….well I really appreciated it…between here and Facebook this book won.. Followed by ‘A Familiar Tail’ by Delia James.

Here’s the Results!

Murder buys a t-shirt the winning book is written by Christy Fifield. I hadn’t read her before.

In review- have to say, for me, I had some mixed feelings about the read- I found it a little slow to start – I liked the characters but they didn’t feel as strong to me as some I read. I felt less engaged with the book and wasn’t page turning FULL force!

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Collecting Conkers..Walking in English Countryside

I love a WALK, it doesn’t have to be miles, I just love getting out in the fresh air and seeing a view of LOTS of GREEN.

Lovely GREEN view we were admiring

Earlier in the season Man of Mine and myself took ourselves out to walk with a certain AIM in mind, it was time for CONKER HUNTING!

For those that don’t know what a conker is, its HORSE CHESTNUT to many… and as such falls from the horse chestnut tree around September/October, the conkers encased in spiky cases that fall into two as they drop to the ground.

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October Beauty Chat -what shall we dive into FIRST?

BEAUTY. ..Don’t you just love it! 

Shh…Wanted to tell you about some of my latest beauty items . ..I want to go more detailed on several but would love your help deciding where to jump in! It’s gonna be a blast!


Here’s the link to my autumn beauty post in case you want to catch up! 

Autumn Beauty!

Well ..I love beauty and maybe can help you decide what treat get next or who to buy what for with the holidays approaching fast.

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My Top 8 Tips Blogging -first month SECRETS

Interested in how the magic happens?  Let me tell you. My tips and realizations…

It’s my one month ‘BLOGiversary’ TODAY! (dances around, throws streamers, hangs posters metaphorically speaking!) … its flown by and I have worked very hard to get my blog off the ground running! I’m happy with the RESULTS. Here’s my TOP TIPS

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