Guessed the WHODUNIT?

That was me …this morning!

Great book! – but guessed the murderer!

Laying in bed, finishing up the last chapters of a good book!..

..can’t say that was a bad start to the day… (except the postman interrupted the final scene…cliff tops at night, the murderer revealed,  by ringing at the door- ensuing I flew around flinging on clothes and getting dressed in about 2 minutes flat!)

Anyway… It was the first book of a series, and I loved the second half, the first was a little slow for me and I must admit I am not into tool talk and had selected a mystery called the Fixer Upper series, but ..the cover was great đŸ™‚

Anyway I have to say the book picked up pace and the characters were interesting,-towards the end it became a 4 star read to me… the only thing missing was I WORKED OUT WHODUNIT!

I am not a fan of this happening, I feel I SHOULDN’T be able to work it out, even if the clues are not reveled so really we CAN’T work it out that’s fine-I want to be SURPRISED, okay I am feeling a little clever to have it sussed but it was a bit obvious when it got nearer to the end. 

Does working out the murderer of the mystery book feel a personal achievement to you or a disappointment? I found myself wanting to be proved wrong but knew I wasn’t as you find once you know it all becomes clear.

However I can still recommend this book fully as a good read and I am keen to read book two so the author pulled it out of the bag – or the PINK TOOL KIT in this case…

Would love to hear your views…. Have a good week all…..




15 thoughts on “Guessed the WHODUNIT?”

    1. Good point! . Yes to figure it out later is not so bad! This one was about two thirds in. Like you I like to be surprised in a big way. ..nice to chat. Keep visitingđŸ˜€


  1. Hi Zoe, This looks like my kind of book series to read. I haven’t read a good murder mystery in a long time. An addition to my “To Do List.” I like to try and guess too but really do look forward to a twist that proved me wrong in the end.

    Thanks for sharing this book.


    1. Hi Monna
      Thank you for taking the time to chat . IS a series I now see myself reading every one! …and the latest has a cool looking house on the cover and is festive themed if you like that.
      Hope you continue to visit me here…feel free to share the link/follow.


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