Beauty of English Autumn


Wow! Tucked into a flower bed catching my attention in the breeze.

…its all I can say to the BEAUTY of the season lately, I am a real one for NATURE, I love beautiful things… they make me skip and dance and smile and gaze…  

The surrounds I see as I meander my way through life are so amazing to me, it doesn’t matter how often I see the same place, it changes,  grows and holds new delights EVERY SINGLE TIME… (like the people I love!)

I love to photograph and I have so many pictures lined up for you to see they will carry me through the season well, I am unstoppable with a camera! I have no need to put it away as I go on a walk as I will only wear the zip out on my handbag.. open shut open shut 🙂

I love the subtle movements of water

My attitude is  like Bambi discovering the world/ Tigger leaping about/Pooh Bear stopping to smell the roses and taking time, … that’s just me! and it does give me a lot of FUN (if you think I am exaggerating you could ask the Man of Mine! 🙂 He thinks I take all day walking around stopping and starting, smiling and exclaiming, but he loves it!)

Beautiful October


The little things are the truly GREAT things, and the flowers of Autumn… (or late Summer Hanging on in there) are SO GLORIOUS and SO AMAZING.. I hope my photography captures at least part of the SPIRIT of it to share the beauty with you from my pocket of the earth on my adventures.

The Man of Mine and Me

More to come feel free to follow to not miss out …THANKS for visiting me here




19 thoughts on “Beauty of English Autumn”

  1. Great post Zoe! I feel the same way even just in my own backyard. Maybe a photography album in the FB group, and some photography prompts? Might be fun😊


    1. Good idea Debbie and one I have been considering.
      I too am much the same in my garden…so much to enjoy in each little delight!
      Thank you and hope you follow the blog. ..there’s email sign up if you wanted 🙂


  2. I love nature and especially the birds. I feed the jackdaws every day and it is so interesting to see the way they live. All creatures are so much more intelligent than we realise!


  3. This was awesome. I too enjoy walking about and stopping. My dad says I take “stop to smell the roses” to heart and will always stop. I want to get more into photography…but for now I just sketch. Love the blogs 😄

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