Next Cozy for Zozie!

I was hoping you could help me decide what to read after my current book is over- SO I will post a pic of the three I am deciding over, and hope you can help me decide! PLEASE 🙂 What shall it be? HELP ME kind people.

The 3 books to decide from!
  1. FUDGING THE BOOKS (third in the COOKBOOK NOOK series – which I love, more about that another time!) by Daryl Wood Gerber (cookery books and murder by the sea)

2.  A FAMILIAR TAIL by Delia James- first in a new series (Cats and Spells I am guessing, great spooky cover)

3. MURDER BUYS A T-SHIRT by Christie Fyfield (first in the Haunted Souvenir shop mystery)- no end to the creativity of ideas for cozies is there! – who knew! Sounds intriguing.

Please let me know in the comments if you have a moment and if it sways one way will go with that, if not… will choose randomly!

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Take care and HAPPY weekend. Having a READ at all -tell me?



24 thoughts on “Next Cozy for Zozie!”

  1. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them, but in honor of Halloween, I’m going to say A Familiar Tail. 🙂 You could always close your eyes, mix them up, and grab one. That’s what I have to do sometimes.

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