Zoe’s Delightful Cheese and Chicken Pie

Well, who doesn’t love a PIE, no-one I know…

We may not always like the same ones best but there is something about biting into that yummy melting mix of flavors, surrounded with the substantial pastry which is simply YUMMY!…especially in Autumn/Winter

I make several pies, sometimes they take me a LONG long time to make, from scratch, with my kitchen aid  (prized kitchen possession!) or just mixing and rolling by hand. I also sometimes like the shop to provide my pastry-sometimes  ready rolled! I like ALL the ways that can get me to homemade pie!

Great thing about making your pie yourself is you know just what goes in, and can control that.  Pies are delicious,cosy and I wanted to share a really simple one with you today, I made up the recipe, it is simple but tastes so delicious….

yummy anticipation

In fact it is the pie in my blog logo,  It was almost embarrassingly simply but of course that just means I can make it more often as it didn’t take much time and that is what slows down pie making regularity.

Here goes…

Zoe’s Delightful Cheese and Chicken Pie


1 pack of all butter puff pastry, ready rolled.

3 cooked chicken breasts, sliced

1 ball of mozzarella cheese (from cows not Buffalo)

turmeric and mint/basil to season inside the pie.


1 Get your baking tray and unroll the ready pastry on to it, mine comes on baking paper so i use that to line the tray.

2 With the pastry horizontal , arrange the sliced chicken along the pastry, leaving a small gap at each end.

3 Slice the mozzarella and arrange it along the chicken slices.

4 Sprinkle the turmeric (lightly) and mint/basil, ( a little heavier) along the chicken and cheese.

5 Fold up each side of the pastry into a long rectangle, and pinch it together, it looks pretty, and then fold up the side, this seals it up.

6 Put in a pre heated oven  for about 25 minutes at 200 degrees C

Cooked .. and would be good with a pile of broccoli, or a few new potatoes, or salad…

Zoe’s Delightful Cheese and Chicken Pie

I hope if you decide to try it you really really enjoy it, and if you make another type of pie, hope I have inspired you -Please tell me what combinations you try…lets share the PIE LOVE

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48 thoughts on “Zoe’s Delightful Cheese and Chicken Pie”

    1. Thank you for your enthusiasm for my food Bernadine! πŸ˜€…hope you enjoy the pie if you try it – it’s so yummy.
      I will most certainly be checking out your baking blog – I will be featuring lots of food here so plenty in commonπŸ‘

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