Cozy for Zozie BOOK update!

Hi everyone! Thanks for the help choosing my next read!

Read about that …HERE!

It was such fun the suggestions came from you-I love chatting and it was very helpful in deciding.

Of course I want to read all three and in time will but I had to go with the majority vote  (between here and Facebook posts ) which was….. (drum roll!)

…..MURDER BUYS A T-SHIRT by Christie Fifield.

-judging by the comments it was a case of the unusual title and the fact it is October. ..and this is set in a HAUNTED SHOP.

Thank you so much for helping me decide. …I will let you know  my verdict. ..make sure to follow  for plenty of COZY posts from Zozie

All three of the books WILL get read so thanks for your votes !

Take Care All..

Please share the blog link if you would be able….  I’m a new blog on the block :-)…visit soon!



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