UNWIND Nature’s How To

Unwind, De-stress, Relax, Chill, Breathe ..it’s what we ALL NEED.

How do YOU achieve this? One of my most trusted ways, PROVEN to me time and time over… is NATURE.



If I can get myself in nature, even just for a little while, I feel happier and clearer, stress just MELTS AWAY. I so recommend it to each of you.

I blogged about my time outside in NATURE recently…READ HERE

Such a pretty time for colours outside, I LOVE Autumn! I really find seeing those rich shades as the outside quietens itself down before Winter is really the LAST HURRAH… Something to look forward to and enjoy as much as you can before being outside is a little more of a challenge for Winter.

When you get the chance, Try doing what I do and stand and GAZE, really FOCUSED on the leaves you see, the BEAUTY of natures art, as much as you can, even in a minute or two you will FEEL BETTER from whatever bothers.

When you get in and need warming, you could round the day off in the most tasty of fashions, see my  Homemade Pie recipe,  Zoe’s Delightful Cheese and Chicken Pie  -it’s for you to try…so simple to make , really delicious!


I love the rich red leaves

Its all TOO EASY to overlook what is in front of our face sometimes, so have a think, where could you go to stand and use the RELAXATION of NATURE to heal and SOOTHE you today,  – TREAT YOURSELF… Nature has left you a GIFT to enjoy.

I took these photographs in the last week or so. Nature is offering these beautiful colours NOW…make the most of them and enjoy!

Thank you for spending time at Whimsy and Cosy,

Relax with me again soon, Please follow to not miss out on my updates to you and I would appreciate if you could share my blog link if you think people you know would enjoy it.

I want to spread as much positivity to the world as one Woman can .


I could gaze forever

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