Page Turning Book ..Read on!

If you read the blog regularly you will already know my love of the cozy mystery  

See HERE..MID SERIES JUMPING  or even HERE LIGHTHOUSE LIBRARY (Be still my beating heart...)

Today the book in hand is..’CRIME AND POETRY’

My goodness! How I LOVED this book, it is one of my favorites of the many I have read over the last few months in this genre.. Have you read it?

Its the first time I have read anything by author Amanda Flower, and I couldn’t resist what this genre does best .. Magical things, and a cute animal!

…SEE THAT COVER…See that wonderful shop I want to visit in case it chucks a book at my feet so I can get crime clues! (It’s what happens!)

A fun read!

The book has a magical bookshop! yes you heard right,it doesn’t even stop there..

It has a MAGICAL TREE (a birch if we are being techie, although I doubt the local birch trees here are magical but I hold out hope and will look at them in a special way!)

The magical tree needs water from the local area to give it it’s magic, (see, I already know what to do should I be left in charge of said bookshop…)

Our protagonist finds herself the caretaker of said shop mostly the magic… not that she is very willing to be thus far…

..Oh the images of how she and the little adopted cat found a little friendship with each other was cute, even if murder was involved! …this IS a MYSTERY book after all.

I could NOT work out WHODUNIT ! (hooray!) Those who read regularly know what that means to me! (See link above)

It was one of those books that kept me turning pages/thinking about it,/wanting a snack /cup of tea. .. wanting to get back to it,(to be honest never left it till HAD to once involved in a reading session)

NO DOUBTS that I want to get book 2!

It is on my wish list as you might imagine … What is on yours?



11 thoughts on “Page Turning Book ..Read on!”

  1. Oh, I loved Crime and Poetry! The next one is coming out soon, and the poet is Edgar Allen Poe, yay. I actually interviewed Amanda for my podcast, and she talked about having her own “Magic Bookshop” moment, when she found the poem by Emily Dickinson. So sweet!


    1. Laura..I am so looking forward to book 2…out December here but may be out where you are.
      That sounds fab that Amanda had her own fun bookshop moment! Would be interested to hear that


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