2016 For me…the YEAR OF CREATIVITY! !

Part two HERE…don’t miss out!

Okay it’s not over yet! But who knows what I will create from one moment to the next (you also. .)

…I’m impulsive  in these things. the same time I have determination and if I have passion for something I never give up. I’m not fickle.

I have my hands full enough…apart from my home commitments , I now have 2 Facebook groups and this new blog! -it keeps me busy! …but I love it.

It’s all a labor of love…what you will see in the tagline to this blog is woman’s mission to make the world a more positive place. .. I really believe in it…it’s one of my biggest aims when I wake up till I go to sleep.

I started my Facebook group- now re-named to  ‘WhimsyandCosy Book Club ‘ about 6 months ago…have got the message out as much as humanly possible. ..and managed to grow it to about 1400 members at this point!  I would never have thought I could manage such an amount or that it would grow so much but I quickly learned I am good at marketing and seizing opportunity! (Life lesson of my skill set) …and seeing as I am managing it quite easily that I have no desire to let others manage it as I like to be on top of the whole thing  (seems I like managing then too ! )….can’t see that changing anytime soon….if it ain’t broke

I’m having to really think about organization. ..but I enjoy that. 

How useful Planners are!

It really helps that my experience with my club has been so positive and because I keep such a high profile people get to know me and my attitude. . What I would and wouldn’t stand for. It’s all about happiness to me 🙂

Loving reading. ..and loving writing – I included journal topic in the club, they are a great match to me! …love of WORDS

I couldn’t help making the club broad…I included my hobby of colouring with colouring book Friday at first. ..then introduced  MAKE SOMETHING MONTHS  … .SEASONAL SETTINGS  . .COOKERY BOOKS…BOOK CHALLENGE. ..BOOK OF THE MONTH. DOODLE CHALLENGE ..I Found I LOVE ENCOURAGING others to be creative and would get lots positive feedback. ..

During September I decided to start ANOTHER club – to really focus there on the Craft and Art side of things…and migrate it away from the book club…so I could develop it more.

Part 2 coming tomorrow! …

Link to Book Club HERE

Hope you enjoy and feel free to tell your friends about WhimsyandCosy Book Club if they love either …More on the new club in part 2!

Have a lovely weekend all



21 thoughts on “Year of CREATIVITY ”

  1. Hi,
    I almost became a lifestyle blogger.
    I met you at Roberta’s blog party. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.
    I am having my own blog party today and I would love for you to come. I have them four times a month.


  2. I created an Houston lady book club Facebook group over two years go, when I moved I handed it off, and it is still being managed perfectly, and it’s nice to know that I left some sort of legacy, some refuge to some lonely new moms out there. This past summer I created one for Alabama moms and it was twice the size right away. Online involvement, and less outside engagements seems to make it easier. Now that we are moving I’ve already handed that book club off, and it to seems to be managing well with my stepping down. Nice to know I have two legacies out there that I’ve left to cure the ruts for the isolated moms. 🙂

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