Year of CREATIVITY part 2

WhimsyandCosy Craft Club on Facebook.

Such a useful art tub

Find it ..HERE

…The idea came to me one late afternoon…(while colouring…listening to Adele!)

Part 1 of my journey ..HERE

 That evening the club was MADE.. was renamed to ‘WhimsyandCosy Craft Club’ posted the link across to my book club and hoped my more artistic members would want to join me there too! !-they did and I have managed to find more craft and art people out there in the fb community who are now having fun at the club

 I’d quickly decided not to limit it to just traditional art…I wanted to include all art things. along with paper/pens/brushes… are crochet hooks…welding (true!) / quilting etc.

Taking the doodle challenge to this club …joining it to a monthly artistic challenge.’s a lot of fun and I have many people having artful fun there.

I have made lovely friendships in my clubs .. I get some beautiful feedback on what enjoyment and encouragement is given to them…it means a lot to me! It’s why I do it.

Now I have started this blog which is ANOTHER way for me to stretch my creative wings and get lots of fun/positivity out there into the world. .. I am full of ideas for it so stick with me and hopefully I can entertain you!

Hope you enjoyed my journey of the last few months…time management has become more important to me! I still ‘have’ to do the dishes/laundry etc!:-)

Have a good week…



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