My Top 8 Tips Blogging -first month SECRETS

Interested in how the magic happens?  Let me tell you. My tips and realizations…

It’s my one month ‘BLOGiversary’ TODAY! (dances around, throws streamers, hangs posters metaphorically speaking!) … its flown by and I have worked very hard to get my blog off the ground running! I’m happy with the RESULTS. Here’s my TOP TIPS

1 That can give you some seriously good site layout with the THEMES offered through it.

I was surprised, and delighted with the choice of layouts that could be selected for blogging, HOWEVER, all themes are not created equal,  I tried a few on that first day and one I couldn’t make work at all even though it looked all pretty!  (WOW doesn’t that sound like a changing room experience! who knew!)

SO try and try again till you find one that you like the look of, offers some customization (if you are into that) AND works (always a bonus!) by the way … this is within the FREE category.

2 Told I can set up a site in FIVE minutes

Hmm, I can create an account in five minutes, about 4/5 HOURS later I was happy with my site design, but I didn’t mind and it was fun mostly. Be prepared to sit and play for a LONG time. I am very impressed with what wordpress offer for FREE

3 Be Prepared to TWEAK

Over the next few days a LOT of site tweaking took place, First things I realized is there was nowhere for followers to FOLLOW if they didn’t have a wordpress account, so … I sorted that (search and find in your THEMES customization!) Rookie mistake.

4 Try and look on a full size screen at how your site formats on ALL

A desk/laptop, a tablet and a phone -I decided most would likely be on phones looking, however I especially love the desk/laptop view… (as it is easier to see everything BUT I think that will always be the case compared to a phone screen.)

Make pals with your keyboard!

WordPress.comIts easily  up gradable to paid

I didn’t go into this thinking I was going to earn- its a hobby, doesn’t allow affiliate links , but I like the fact if anything dreamy DID happen I can semi-easily upgrade to the .org PAID version.

6 Writing a blog piece is going to take LESS of your time than promoting your blog!

I am used to some self promotion with the 2 Facebook groups I created,  read about that HERE!..part 1

I saw serious growth was possible within what I did creating my groups, I have added confidence in what getting your message out there can do.

I write for pleasure, but I wouldn’t make it a blog if I wasn’t hoping to entertain others with my writing. To have more chance to be heard, you really need to PROMOTE PROMOTE, this takes time and effort in spades! the more you put in the more possible rewards.

7 Look out for handy articles on starting a blog.

Be prepared to take what advice YOU like from them, one size does NOT fit all!

They won’t all agree/ may say things you don’t agree with , BUT I have found a LOT of help and advice/encouragement in many articles, helping me no end with techie jargon about search engines etc. Learning all the time! There are some wonderful resources on Facebook too.

8 Stay true to who you are as you write

I write as I talk, and I do it as I care about my readers, like they are old friends. To me they are my pals in cyber space, They are real people living real lives and I want to do my best for them, Staying TRUE to myself, hoping others like it.

Blogging is putting yourself on the line and I so appreciate the faith that people put into me by following my writing, that is the BEST!

In my first month of Blogging I have had some lovely compliments, I am only interested in putting out positivity into the world – I LOVE the fact I can brighten peoples day all over the globe!





16 thoughts on “My Top 8 Tips Blogging -first month SECRETS”

  1. Nice Post! My favourite was #2, it definitely took me a lot longer than 5min to set up my blog. I was also wondering if you have any further advice on how best to promote your blog. My blog is linked to my Instagram but I know I should be doing more. I’m self-conscious about promoting too much but my more confident side wants to get over this and start getting it out there. Would appreciate any tips as a new blogger 😊.


    1. I am new to it as well but happy I could help you!
      I suggest twitter posts if you like and also search up blogging groups in Facebook – hope that helps and please do promote your blog to get it seen ..what type of blog is it? Keep an eye on this blog in case more things to help come along if you like -you may enjoy my posts year of creativity part 1 and 2 as they link to the promotion theme

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      1. Thanks so much. My blog is on health and fitness building on and sharing my healthy struggles and journey as well as inspiration for others (recipes + general). Will keep an eye on your posts :).


  2. I agree! Only “five minutes” and whala, you magically have this blog website. Haha, yea right! You are right, while, I too write as a hobby and enjoy it; blogging takes time to get set up and create. Love this, you hit the nail on the head. Great job!


  3. thanks for popping by and commenting on my christmas card! hard to believe it’s only been a month since you launched your blog! i love the bright colours and your theme. good tips. i’ve noticed more and more that bloggers are marketing their blogs, including social media, but for people with disabilities, like me, it’s a question of time, energy and all that typing. 🙂 and i’d much rather create.

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    1. Hi Linda- so glad you visited😊..yes I really loved your card- I love nature so it was great for me. I only do a small bit of card making but I love it- cutting and sticking is fun!
      Thank you for the compliment on my site- I have learnt a lot across the month for sure.
      I understand about promote topic with blog- it takes time and energy, but the main thing is like you said to still have time for what is is you love to do best with your blog – after all, that’s what drove us to do it! Nice to chat.

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  4. Congrats! I have changed themes on a regular basis. Another great tip for design is knowing beforehand what you need. The Social Media aspect is a learning curve for sure. I don’t know if you know but blogger lets you have ads if you are looking for free but there is more html editing there. I have been self hosting since june and it is a really good investment if you are looking to make money.


  5. Happy one month Blogiversary!!! I am so excited that you have taken the opportunity to be apart of this journey, and share your tips with everyone!!

    I agree that promoting is the major part of blogging. Writing the post takes up little time, but finding the right place and time to share it with friends can be rather discouraging. I think that social media is definitely the best way to go about promoting, and I hope that you continue to be successful with your blogging.

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