October Beauty Chat -what shall we dive into FIRST?

BEAUTY. ..Don’t you just love it! 

Shh…Wanted to tell you about some of my latest beauty items . ..I want to go more detailed on several but would love your help deciding where to jump in! It’s gonna be a blast!


Here’s the link to my autumn beauty post in case you want to catch up! 

Autumn Beauty!

Well ..I love beauty and maybe can help you decide what treat get next or who to buy what for with the holidays approaching fast.

Here’s the choices folks!

Want to know more about the Joan Collins range of cosmetics. ..I have the face powder ..the lipstick and nail Polish. .. this one oozes GLAMOUR

Or want me to dive in at the maybelline  nude palette for eyes. ..inexpensive and fun

How about European beauty sensation Judith William’s ‘Life Long Beauty Range’…luxurious.

Or the heathcote and ivory shower gel and body lotions  ..or the hand creams. They make you feel so PAMPERED

I have a lot of hand creams in general so could let you know about a range or three (oops!)

So….WHAT shall we chat about? Please do let me know in the comments. ..it’ ll be fun! Can’t wait to hear

Have a great week



27 thoughts on “October Beauty Chat -what shall we dive into FIRST?”

    1. Thanks Dannii – I look forward to telling you more about those then! Appreciate you joining in..let’s see what on here or other platforms people are thinking too (I will get to all the items in time I would think 😉)

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  1. I’m obsessed with hand creams, especially as the temps start to drop. I’d love to know which ones you like best! I personally adore the hand and nail creams from Caudalie and Nuxe, and some of the lighter Crabtree & Evelyn scents.

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    1. I LOVE handcreams so would be more than happy to talk about them! – I will go through some and give some findings…I have a fair few on the go! I love Crabtree and Evelyn. .and need to look up the other you mentioned- wonder if it’s for sale here.

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