Collecting Conkers..Walking in English Countryside

I love a WALK, it doesn’t have to be miles, I just love getting out in the fresh air and seeing a view of LOTS of GREEN.

Lovely GREEN view we were admiring

Earlier in the season Man of Mine and myself took ourselves out to walk with a certain AIM in mind, it was time for CONKER HUNTING!

For those that don’t know what a conker is, its HORSE CHESTNUT to many… and as such falls from the horse chestnut tree around September/October, the conkers encased in spiky cases that fall into two as they drop to the ground.

‘our’ horse chestnut!

If you know where a tree is that gives conkers… then it is a question of getting to it at the right time, which can be tricky as every year it will vary a little, AND try to get to them before the children who collect them up at speed of lightening 🙂 . We actually wanted some as we have found they are helpful to place in corners of your home to help ward away spiders in the season spiders seem to like best.

spot the conker case!

Early on in our hunt we found a tree we had visited before, and first we saw remnants of conkers and NO treasure! ‘oh! we exclaimed! – ‘are we too late again this year?!’ we walked VERY slowly through the leaves (pretty) and scanned our eyes along the floor the pair of us, looking for glimmers of conkers peaking!

First we saw little tiny bits of conker, or ones that had fallen but were barely there, such is nature and its variances. We wondered if others had been and cleared out all the ‘good ones‘!

We didn’t give up and just walked about under the tree for a while, concentrating on our Autumn mission, and lo and behold, a BIG SHINY CONKER!

YES!!- I’ve got one!’ I cried , (one is SO much better than none and they can be so beautiful… like polished wood in appearance)  I cried OUT not actually cried, although it was a pretty good moment ..

On a conker mission! – and taking photos of my shadow!

Seeing one gave us more hope! and YES, we spotted another, Man of Mine said I had the special touch for it and of course that spurs you on and gives you even more ‘eagle eyes’…

The looking was ALL worth it, conker upon conker seemed to appear before our eyes, it was like one minute there was nothing and the next little glimmers of TREASURE! it was fun, and we soon had a little collection. We carried on our walk and felt all accomplished, we had achieved our aim and the little treasures are now scattered around our home, like a little badge of honour! Enjoy the pictures..

THE TREASURE YIELDED RESULTS!- a live one! (well not exactly!)

Do you have silly fun times?

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21 thoughts on “Collecting Conkers..Walking in English Countryside”

  1. I love collecting them, I love the smooth feel of chestnuts! BTW we use them as “washing powder”. Great if you have a kid with allergy to most commercial washing powders….


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