Cozy Mystery..Well Does he?.. or she!

This book was an interesting read …it was the one you chose for me! Remember a few posts back you selected by vote out of three books?

Read here, Cozy Choice ….well I really appreciated it…between here and Facebook this book won.. Followed by ‘A Familiar Tail’ by Delia James.

Here’s the Results!

Murder buys a t-shirt the winning book is written by Christy Fifield. I hadn’t read her before.

In review- have to say, for me, I had some mixed feelings about the read- I found it a little slow to start – I liked the characters but they didn’t feel as strong to me as some I read. I felt less engaged with the book and wasn’t page turning FULL force!

However I stuck with it and it did pick up! And I really didn’t have a clue WHODUNIT (YES!) see…HERE- it doesn’t tell you who did do it!

The book seemed mostly chosen by you because it’s set in a haunted shop.. and it’s October.

..BUT the haunted shop wasn’t so much the mystery rather the back story so although interesting it wasn’t so much a tale about that.

The fictional death felt more sad in this read as well but it was all well written and I do have the next book lined up to read..I already had bought it on discount but I feel I will enjoy it. ..maybe more as I will know the characters more.

The book read and the book TO read! Love the covers

So in conclusion. . Not one of my favorites. ..but a decent read that builds up…and I LOVED how you all chose it for me THANK YOU x


The book in discussion!

5 thoughts on “Cozy Mystery..Well Does he?.. or she!”

  1. Thanks for the review! I love getting book recommendations, so I’ll have to check this one out. Mysteries are the best and I’ve never heard of this author. Now if I could just slow down long enough to read a book LOL.


  2. Thanks for reading this and writing a review.. not sure if I can get this here at where I am.. but I’m drawn to the next book title.. lol… Murder hooks a Mermaid.. emmmm.. I wonder what’s that like. ;P

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    1. Well, wisher, (oh that’s like a pun!)
      – I guess make a note in case it comes up to buy where you are…amazon’s often the best chance if you use one.
      Yes strange title on book two!- although in another book I read similar happened …murder. ..mermaid. ..that one could SO have been called it. I’m sure they read VERY differently 😊Thanks for dropping by at WhimsyandCosy


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