This years pumpkin in the Zozie household, with a few steps for those new to PUMPKIN CARVING for themselves, ENJOY the CREATIVITY! Make it yourself…

1 Buy yourself a pumpkin, I suggest medium size as they require lots of muscle to hollow out and carve, and having tried all sizes this medium size is the pumpkin of choice!

Man of Mine always gets this  important job

2 See how flat the pumpkin will sit, hopefully reasonable well, and then carve the top off the pumpkin like a hat, with the stalk at the top.

3 Scoop like like you never done it before, scoop out all the inside and IF you like (I like) SAVE them for a delicious soup! Pumpkin soup can be very tasty and so nutritious. My own recipe for you to enjoy in your household ..Zozie’s PUMPKIN SOUP     Love being creative with food.

Takes some time but part of the pumpkin preparation

4 Get some help from your family, anyone up for sorting flesh of the pumpkin from the seeds? Luckily for me YES, and this important job is done for me, its a big help.

Help in sorting pumpkin seeds from flesh

5 Time for the fun of drawing a face on the Pumpkin, what will it be THIS year, always a little personality involved..you don’t have to be ‘good’ at art.  If you want MORE ideas for how to enjoy HALLOWEEN see my blog post HERE

This years Pumpkin face

6 Now its time for the fun of drawing out the Pumpkin face, if you want to avoid the pen go more outside of the black lines when carving out.

Fun to see the chunks of pumpkin as the face forms

7 We decided to add scars at the sides and back, with the bonus that light can shine through more holes in Mr Pumpkin (see he is developing personality)

This will be so effective on the pumpkin viewing

8 Just about done, time for the final reveal- and some battery operated tea lights to add that welcome fun glow to your October visitor. (I much prefer this type of tea light)

See how those pumpkin scars shine.

9 The TA-DA , here he is our family Pumpkin for this year…

Carved and ready for HALLOWEEN

10 Hope you enjoyed this instructional HOW TO post, It’s very fun and worth the effort to make your own pumpkin ornament for Halloween. Every year they come out a little or a LOT differently, and can last a good few days often, maybe next year I will take you through some of our various Pumpkins with personality.

I have posted the recipe to my home made Pumpkin SOUP along with GUIDE of our HALLOWEEN TEA with fun event ideas, further up

ENJOY YOURSELF, Happy Halloween



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