How to HALLOWEEN, Top 10

Welcome to Halloween, October’s great for everything spooky or everything orange.. It’s time for good natured  FAMILY FUN.

Here’s some simple ideas for you to enjoy – with a little effort HALLOWEEN can be a LOT of FUN

Family Fun for Halloween

1 Buy a pumpkin to carve, they are generally very inexpensive and good value for medium size. Check for its condition being reasonable, if it will sit flat. Fun to make your own.

Remember not to buy your pumpkin too early as it has to keep till you want to carve. Don’t put it near a heat source.

See HOW we carved ours in a Blog Post HERE

2 Allow a good hour for hollowing out and carving your pumpkin friend, it needs muscle to make. Really fun to enjoy after, for a few evenings sometimes.

Carving a pumpkin requires time and muscle

I even created a Home Made soup with the insides of the Pumpkin, I have done a post telling how to make this delicious soup , it’s my own recipe,  read and enjoy it yourselfHERE

3 If trick or treating keep it good natured, supervise your children and arrange with other parents/neighbors in advance, I suggest keeping to early evening as well. Dressing up can be as simple or complicated as you decide. If not trick or treating you and your family can dress up still if you want to. (If Tinkerbell is more popular than a Ghost..Hey, that’s not a problem)

4 Buy some battery tea-lights for pumpkin lighting or house decor – if you don’t want to use ‘real’ candles, they work fantastically. I MUCH prefer them and use them every time now. They tend to last ages too. Simple. Less stress equals more FUN.

5 Stock up on a few fun foods that feel a treat for you, it doesn’t have to be candy, (although some is very nice) we love baked potatoes which we wrap in foil and eat with a fork..or our fingers depending how hot.  It reminds me of my childhood,  the shops have cute themed cakes this time of year, and you can make your own if you prefer. I have seen oranges used as great decor and food as well, due to their peeled Pumpkin look!

6 You could create a fun build up time with making posters for Halloween with your child, they can draw pumpkins and ghosts till their hearts are content, maybe put Scooby doo on the TV too or write stories together. Fun for you all.

7 We have had many happy times with a disco ball lighting up our room in the darkness as we played music and danced, lots of fun and gives a party feel. Disco balls can be bought quite inexpensively and used repeatedly. Simple to use. Fun to do.

8 Make the Halloween tea the MAIN event, cover the table, in a themed cloth if you like,  many shops have them, and they can be re-used, and put finger foods in dishes all over the table giving a party feel. (so many options from chips/crisps to carrot sticks or apples.) Some shops sell nice ornaments you can use for Halloween decor and can use repeatedly. Just think of your storage.

Well worth it for the memories at Halloween

Food preparation is the most effort but with clever thinking you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen. Plan in advance where you can.

9 Some like to still play bobbing for apples, fishing with your mouth for an apple never much appealed to me but it may appeal to YOU?

10 You could play board games or watch a movie, or dance ….Smile, take photos and build memories, memories give so much AFTER the event, and children/grown ups will remember it FOREVER.

Mr Pumpkin for this year’s Halloween

Have lots of FUN,






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