Goosebumps, Joy, and a MONTHLY UPDATE

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Well it has been another month of the world of Zozie at WhimsyandCosy.  As well as giving you pointers toward some of this last months offerings that you may have missed …I am going to fill you in with some reviews of movies I have recently watched that you may enjoy yourself and want to look out for. Featured is GOOSEBUMPS starring Jack Black and JOY starring Jennifer Lawrence.

I am a bit of a MOVIE BUFF .. I love the big screen, One of my favorite trips out always is the CINEMA, love the whole atmosphere, the dark, the quiet, the immersion, the COSY!  but failing a trip to the cinema, which to be frank is getting a bit more expensive now.. I am happy to get cinema at home with our NOW TV subscription, PRIME subscription, and MORE4 box set app!  Here’s what we are loving at the ZOZIE HOUSEHOLD…

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Let’s dive into ‘A Familiar Tail’

‘A Familiar Tail’… a twist on an old expression and this book is a delight, if you are – like me – into the COZY MYSTERY genre.

Really attracted to read this book  from the fun of the cover, spooky old house, a cute cat, and various run down things …like an old (creaky you would guess) gate, a well worn shovel and.. why is there a little yellow bird there too?  it all MEANS SOMETHING when you are reading a cozy.

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CROCHET Inspiration – Scarves..Blankets and a Hat

I love crochet and one of my favorite things to crochet is blankets.  They are to me a way of relaxing …maybe along with an audio book, podcast ,  or good TV show 

When first learning to crochet, my aim was purely to help DE-stress, it was WAY more about the method than results…which was handy as I spent the first two weeks re-doing the first few lines . ..

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NEW YORK ROMANCE READING -Mistletoe on 34th Street

The kindle is recharging, the end of a book has been enjoyed…  NOW I want to tell you all about it- if you love NEW YORK, if you love ROMANCE, and if you love CHRISTMAS, then Lisa Dickenson has ALL THE INGREDIENTS YOU NEED to fulfill your reading wish list with the wonderful read ‘Miracle on 34th street’

My advice it to read this book with a notepad, so you can note, WHERE to visit in New York that YOU  fancy, put it right by your side, especially if you are a reader like me.  Full of inspiration and seasonal cheer, wrapped up in a slight bit of humbug behavior that at no time seems convincing …  What a read it is, no problem at all to turn pages/kindle buttons, no problem to feel that warm fuzzy glow of good romance and loads of Christmas talk.

This could easily be enjoyed at any time of the year as it is simply a wonderful romance and wonderful tale of a trip to New York, its right up my street and I LOVED it.

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Toys are fun, they are good for Children’s development / well being, they are great gifts, AND surely they are some of the most WELCOME parcels ON THE PLANET 

I believe toys are for ADULTS too!

Yet when we grow up we can forget how to play, how to BE playful, how to have our imagination captured and to be CATAPULTED someplace else for a while

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Considering where to go? Like the countryside? If you are in England, If you are visiting England, this guide  has tips for a wonderful day out , visiting an impressive house and amazing garden, full of beauty and history. I can recommend STOURHEAD deep in the  English countryside.

I loved how this looked bathed in sunlight

It was the most WONDERFUL trip out recently, Man of Mine and Myself took ourselves visiting a place in the English countryside called STOURHEAD, its within the county of Wiltshire in England.
Stourhead boasts a house and massive  (6250 acres!) of beautifully landscaped gardens.

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Children’s Book Ideas – 10 TOP tips

I am really happy to chat about Children’s books with you, because I love them so much, for children.. wonderful yes –but also FOR ME! 

That puts me in an excellent position to give you Holiday Gift ideas for the little ones in your life, (as I have been every age till now!)  or .. FOR YOURSELF. 

I am in no way ashamed to admit I LOVE TO- especially in the autumn/winter, – curl up in bed with a copy of the Famous Five by Enid Blyton, or the latest Anne Booth cute animal tale with a twist of MAGIC.  Give me a  C.S Lewis read, or finding the Wind in the Willows on my kindle, pure delight! So Lets dive into the reading delight of CHILDREN’S BOOKS.

Firstly when finding books for presents it is good to ask Children what appeals, it simply is… take a child into Waterstones, or your local bookshop and go to the children’s section and see how much they will enjoy it, it is likely to be A LOT. My advice ALLOW TIME…for both of you to enjoy it. Here are my top 10 tips.

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