What does NOVEMBER mean to YOU?

Well, waking up today it’s November..I can’t help but feel a little excited as it is one of my favorite months of the year to wake up and arrive in! What does November mean to YOU?  To me it means, COSY and you know how Zozie LOVES her cosy! (well, you must be starting to get the idea!)

October was FUN, it gave me chances to spread my wings into my newly started BLOG here! and to grow more my new craft club (includes art) on Facebook (alongside my book club hitting 1.4K  – who knew it could do that in 7 months!)

Read about those in  Books HERE and Crafts HERE

November means I want to hunker down and read even more, if that’s possible! Reading more IS possible as I always think I could be reading more each day, I usually end up reading just before I go to sleep.

At the moment I am into this book and VERY near the end of it, it’s excellent and I will tell you all about how good it is in a blog piece in a  while.

Next to my bed currently looks like this… it’s all about the COZY for ZOZIE

Zozie’s current Cozy Reading ‘Stirring the Plot’

The book is by Daryl Wood Gerber it’s a book in the COOKBOOK NOOK series (genius title!) Man of Mine says when he notices it, how could it not be for me? I love cookbooks… and cozy nooks to hunker down in.…(to read probably) It has the most gorgeous Halloween style cover which I will snap for you now, as more of a focal, to see. Cute Cat Alert.. it’s called ‘Stirring the Plot’ Cozy LOVES a pun.

Stirring the Plot – a whodunit mystery to read

We can chat more about that soon, what are YOU reading?

Here is a couple of my cozy mystery posts from October in case you missed out

Guessed the WHODUNIT? and Next Cozy for Zozie!  ALSO you may like to read about magical trees and bookshops HERE 

I love wrapping up warm to go out and I have quite the collection of cosy hats, I love a scarf too, and there is something extra romantic in the air come November, a certain seasonal magic. Time for extra snuggling too if at all possible and if you don’t have a Snuggle Person in your life maybe a Pet or a Soft squishy cuddly Toy will do the trick, I have Man of Mine but I love a cuddly toy as well I will admit, ( call me GREEDY for snuggles) ..something about November makes me want to play even more and read children’s Books, am I the only one? and I have a GIGANTIC Olaf from FROZEN to sit with me at all times if required. Who could not want to snuggle Olaf. An impossible feat. (He loves warm hugs)

As you know I LOVE my trips out into nature, exploring and discovering.  The beauty at all times of year never ceases to amaze me BUT I have a favorite in Autumn and I think I always will, did you see the beauty and relaxation advice for you in UNWIND Nature’s How To  

My trip to collect conkers with Man of Mine was lots of fun to tell you about this past month too..Conker Walk – we had a good laugh.

One of my most popular reads this month has been for my self created Pie -go see if you fancy.. who doesn’t love pie? – not MANY people I think.

So worth making Zoe’s Delicious Cheese and Chicken Pie

Anyway the pie is very very tasty and easy to make, go on…have a try. I LOVE getting in the kitchen and creating, thinking about food, and planning dinner as soon as I wake up.  Who am I kidding.. I know earlier than that what I have planned, its a labor of love and one of the best things in life. I’m really into healthy eating too and food being your fuel.

Another thing I love about the nights drawing in is lamplight, I find it disconcerting in summer when it is barely dark at 9pm, I love..to COSY on down. (sense a theme!)

Another one of my latest blog posts, just published, is for my Home Made Soup Recipe, I adore making soups and I hope you try my seasonal Zozie’s PUMPKIN SOUP

Just off to have some Pumpkin Soup now

It really is a Gorgeous Soup, especially with a nice sandwich or bread roll to dunk, and you can know it has ALL those veggies in there to do you LOADS of good! which is one of my favorite things. As I said at the bottom of the recipe, it is gorgeous with a squeeze of lemon as well, give it a try..

I am already feeling VERY excited about Christmas and have blog posts coming of Cozy Gifts and Whimsy Gifts! – ideas to inspire, from me looking around my home and seeing what I love with a cosy feel or a whimsical feel. Hoping it will spark ideas for YOU.

For all those who will be celebrating soon, just get stuck in early with your preparations, make those lists and have fun, it doesn’t all have to cost a fortune and there is all that cheer in the air, can you tell I’m excited?

Make sure you sign up to follow the blog if you don’t want to miss the blog updates, we can have LOTS of fun here at WhimsyandCosy. Feel free to comment, I love when you do.

Take Care, Speak soon,








16 thoughts on “What does NOVEMBER mean to YOU?”

  1. I love october, november and december.. maybe all the months ending with “ber”.. lol.. weather getting cooler, and people are more relax at this time of the year.. not to mention Christmas is just round the corner.. 😉 wishing you a happy November ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh thank you! Yes give them a wash and slice and they will last really well😊…keep an eye out here for more food…I’m tonight cooking and will be blogging it in a while


  2. You had me at pie. October is usually my crazy-busy productive month while November is relatively relaxed and then December is back to crazy for wrapping up the year (and getting a jumpstart on the new one). This year, though, things are a bit different, as I’m entirely self-employed. I think November’s going to be equally crazy (hopefully more) with holiday sales coming up.

    Liked by 1 person

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