Colouring Fun – Johanna Basford

This is a quick post from me to you – to let you know that I have a colouring challenge going on at my WhimsyandCosy Facebook craft club, feel free to join in the fun!  Click whimsyandcosy craft club

We are this month – NOVEMBER 2016 – colouring a page from any of our Johanna Basford books to show each other and add to an album on the group, its all good fun!

Artist Edition, a total bargain at amazon recently

If you don’t have a book by Johanna take a look in your collection for one with a similar style, the more the merrier! just try to tell us  which book it is from! (so we can all rush out and buy one for ourselves..)

I love getting all those colours down on to paper.


I haven’t had much time for it recently but do you know what I am going to MAKE time, it IS possible, whether you are a person who will put aside an evening in front of the TV, or listening to an audio book with a hot chocolate, or whether you like to grab a few pencils in your lunch break and show work colleagues, or hide it under the desk!( – no need at ALL).

Colouring is one of the most popular pastimes now for adult women and a few men as well. It’s supposed to be very good for relaxing . .I agree but am best listening to something relaxing as well.

As i said before the more the merrier towards having more stress relief and more creativity at our fingertips. It is a LOT of fun… and there is still time for you to put that colouring book or more pens and pencils on your Christmas wish list.. doesn’t that make you smile at least.  We don’t have to grow up fully!

By the way here is how my craft club was formed all about craft club

Look at my Johanna Collection! I would share if I could! (by the way they are ‘posing’ on my crochet blanket, I took many months last winter on making that blanket and love it!)

Johanna Basford Collection in the Zozie Household

Retain your FUN SIDE – do any of you colour (or craft generally?)

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Speak soon, take care everyone,




21 thoughts on “Colouring Fun – Johanna Basford”

  1. I heard about the soothing and chilling properties of colouring for grown ups….I guess I should find some time to give it a try! I also guess taking my sons Fireman Sam colouring book is not going to have the same effect?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am a big champion of never being too old to play! My mission is to bring more positivity into the world and colouring is a GREAT way to relax, well done for getting into your book, I expect your son LOVED it as well 🙂


    1. You don’t have to be an amazing artist/colourer. .shading is easier with dome pencils than others. .I’m learning all the time. I will give any tips on pencils I love and anything else useful – Keep an eye on the blog (or follow?)


    1. No age limits😀- ah…I would love if anyone posted children’s colourings on whimsyandcosy Facebook group…it would be so sweet…their mum or grandma (for instance ) could show them all the praise it would likely bring about😊


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