Put your feet up, with a hot drink! I am having a challenging day reader  – yes EVEN ZOZIE POSIE is not infallible and today has been a catalogue of annoyances and stresses, and some days you are just that bit more vulnerable than others, – I know I am , but there IS a SILVER LINING , this IS going to be a POSITIVE piece, its what I am here for! the POWER OF PLAYLIST lands in your lap!

What’s it for you? not many of us feel too unemotional about music, I think it is because music is a way to transmit feelings and it can be so powerful and so LOUD (not too blasting ideally I Know is BEST ..I do know!)

Music can transform us, it is like alchemy! –

it can turn a frown upside down in less seconds than most things… its the TRUTH.

Bon Jovi – this is one CLASSIC listen!

The hardest step is that when you feel down it can be hard to go and turn the dial and Put ON that PLAYLIST, or favorite album … BUT if you can find that LITTLE bit of effort and patience, (today I added things to a playlist that then lost the whole thing immediately, so frustrating but I just found some other way to get to a playlist that I had made …thank you AMAZON cloud app)

I set the playlist to shuffle, its my preferred way –I like a surprise! – and first up.. sister sledge, ‘we are family’! -ooh! – I love that one, I found myself DANCING withing seconds!

The power of a boogie! – I am one of life’s dancers, I hear music and if it has a beat I am wanting to hit the dance floor, I USUALLY don’t have one available.. so my kitchen with its laminate -retail establishment quality -floor does nicely and has just enough space to really get my groove on!

Lionel is THE BEST to dance to, along with the BEE GEES.. Can do a whole blog post on the bee gees sometime.

As i type it the aforementioned playlist is still playing, it has 74 tracks and has seen me through making a soup and starting to get a casserole together this lunchtime.  I have had Take That, (who required Patience themselves according to there song) Erasure, (demanding RESPECT) the Vamps and MORE.

Phats and Small are playing now!.. I LOVE ‘TURN AROUND

…I found myself within minutes waving my arms in an anthem like way to Jimmy Somerville as he sings about being a small town boy. and tells us to cry in a really loud dance way.. I know I am not a boy but he sings so full of passion and I have NO IDEA what he is singing about (so OFTEN the case with me and songs).  I almost don’t like to listen to the lyrics (sorry songwriters!) but I like to FEEL the music, it’s my thing, like in Saturday Night Fever when John Travolta is feeling the groove on the dance floor .

Sorry Peter but even I am a little embarrassed!

I don’t want the vibe from my best playlist broken by lyrics that make no sense or are so sad and the MUSIC is  so darn happy– (fist punch the air for happy!)

I want to feel the music (have I said that before, I am ALL about the feelings)

Through sounds of guitars, drum beats and the tone of the words,I am pulled towards the sounds,  I am aloud to DECIDE WHAT those things are, they CALL to me and I am not studying lyrics to find it is all not at all as I thought! I will sing my own sounds and lyrics quite regularly! – much to the good humoured laughter of one of my family members! who cares ?- NOT I SISTA/BRO!

I will usually only know the main clearly sung lines which I will join in with gusto – like I KNOW ALL the lyrics. It’s the ones most know …although I could have them all wrong, and if I do am not interested in corrected them as they will often amuse me in some way! It can be a LOT of FUN making up alternative lyrics… it started when i was small.

Biffy are FAB, and this is a COOL rock cover!

So to sum up… I am a girl who, when she hears music in a shopping center, hears say ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5, wants to boogie her way down the arcade, dancing and singing! – and I almost have to physically HOLD myself back from doing it not just in my head, it’s the most acting I do when i resist that urge! ..trying to look like a normal shopper who does not want to dance about in the slightest and does not LOVE THIS SONG.

Songs can transform where and almost who you are, this can be good and not so good depending on what mood you are feeling in for nostalgia, it is the closest thing to a time machine I have seen away from the silver screen (LOVE Back to the future movies!!- they ROCK – except the cringe bits! we can forget those!)

So I LOVE loads of Duran Duran songs as I was a MASSIVE FAN all those years ago! I was crazy about them , and even today they are some of favorite songs, not because I want to go back – NO WAY ( Man of mine is WAY more gorgeous that JT now! -if you are reading this JT .. soz!) but those songs… they stood the test of time, unlike many I used to love, (PWL music factory anyone)

The Duran songs were just quality tunes and great singing /guitaring!

I learnt how to play AIR GUITAR with Duran, in fact it was only a few years back that ‘man of mine’ told me that I was playing BASS AIR GUITAR – that was new technical information to me! – who knew, It was because I had learnt from the BEST of the 80’s John Taylor!  (Till man of mine took up guitar – he can play Greenday/Feeder’/Andre3000  like no ones business! – he is now officially my rock god and I his groupie!)

My appreciation of the guitar doesn’t end with John Taylor and ‘Man of Mine’.  I have taken up GUITAR HERO! yes that IS learning an instrument, do you have ANY IDEA how HARD that is!! how much skill is required! and I am LEFT HANDED but must admit there is a setting for that. (which chases off all other players i know)  I need to pull it back out the wardrobe! – pronto!  Thinking about it makes me want to play.

OoH! ‘Scream’ by Usher (such a cool song! if a bit.. UM RUDE!- I’m not a prude) came on the playlist! Usher tells his Woman to scream (and other things!) So i will get that guitar out and make some noise to drown out the scream along to Usher songs!!

‘Man of mine’ plays a ‘real’ guitar by the way – very well, (he would not say so but he is MODEST) he play electric and Electro Acoustic, -I love when he blasts the house with one of my favorite songs! I have started to put in requests now!  Some times he is all tortured after a session learning a new song or if there has been a gap and his fingers are not callused enough! I have to remind him how cool he is.

Ooh… on my playlist now is ‘Itch’ by Nothing but Thieves, so cool a song… it reminds me of some of the best by the Muse!  Really ace songs!   Man of Mine loves it too, HE choose it to buy but then I loved it, Man of Mine is a massive fan of ‘the Bifster’ as he is known in our house! – to others Biffy Clyro! Man of mine is really into rock! (so now I am too). WHY did Biffy do this cover?? (even Man of Mine- big BIFFY FAN cringed and took it off the tagging on his phone!)

Biffy you are cool… but WHY in the name of ROCK are you NAKED curled into a little ball?

I almost feel embarrassed that Nothing but Thieves has morphed into a Carly Rae Jepson track! – so poppy! but its a catchy tune and I was so excited that TOM HANKS was in the video, (although it didn’t make sense,) but he walked along looking happy and was mouthing the song words and I liked that and bought the song! so i can see him now even though this is the song and no video right now!

In a good playlist you can stick to one era or style, but you can do one of my favorite things and that is just mix up the eras and styles just go for it in a big fat mix, if you like the songs then  it is great FUN.

Could this be my favorite album? not sure

I am not one of those people who if they feel sad wants sad music, I think that is bad news and can’t do it, or recommend it, I think you need favorites! Cheerful Ones (‘don’t worry be happy ‘anyone?)

Ha! guess what, next song just come on my playlist is Nick Jonus, ‘Jealous!’ I LOVE that one (another theme.. loving vibe along with the cosy!) but this time I love it but made the mistake a year ago of watching a you tube video of a guy taking off the video and singing his own words, OMG it was so funny! and so clever, he did a fab job and said instead of jealous that he still wants RELISH! and now every time I hear poor old nick  I always see this guy from you tube on the bike singing about relish! (look it up if you dare)

IF I believed in guilty pleasures with music, here is one!

OOH… movie soundtracks!!! another good one, I didn’t even like top gun that much (is that a swearing type thing to say!) but I love the Tomster! (Tom Cruise)  in Mission Impossible Movies, THEY ARE THE DOGS!

…ANYWAY I digress…. what just came on was a Classic – some songs make you yell that don’t they – even if its in your head! – this one is from that soundtrack  and by Kenny Logins –Danger Zone  (not footloose but that is a classic too!)

Listen to danger zone and feel better , go one DO IT – it works!!!! Let Kenny take you into the danger zone! (he went there and seems to be fine from it royalty wise I am guessing!) It’s all safe fun putting on a Top Gun track!

I have to pay homage though to the classic that is the power of love by ‘Huey lewis and the news’ in back to the future, one of my favorite classics, and also  ‘All by myself’, (sad and i don’t like it ) but when i see Bridget Jones singing it into her hairbrush it makes me champion her in that instance!

Pure genius in Rap! Enimem

OOH and a fake silly song in a movie is fantastic at times.. OMG have you watched music and lyrics LOVED it , and watch Hugh Grant singing the fake 80’s pop!’Pop goes my heart’ (probably on you tube?) it would have fitted right in to the 80’s. and HG is brilliant to the extreme in the video for his pop song in that movie, watch it ..PLEASE.

Just popped up on the playlist, a song I love, So funny – It’s  by Wilson Phillips ‘You’re in Love ‘ ..they sing so well and clearly and are singing how happy they are that THEIR man is NOT  in love with them, they are SO HAPPY and serene about that! CRAZY TIME!

I can sing that song and feel how gracious I am being to this invisible person , HOW HAPPY  in REALITY PEOPLE  would we be- would we agree with that sentiment! NO WAY would be spout that (.’**’^), ….We would have MUCH STERNER feelings about how we had been dumped and trod on! but with music you can tell a story that is untrue for sure!

Now the playlist is playing some ‘New kids on the block’, ‘man of mine’ says he had a pretty unsavory name for the new kids at HIS school back when! BUT MY bedroom wall was plastered with posters of them way back, and my favorite was Jordan knight! LOL, in his dungarees, that were all the rage, you would not have two straps over your shoulders only the ONE, that was HOW it was done!…

…Man of mine has nothing to worry about! I am glad who I ended up with and the music keeps on playing   like a time machine tossing me from era to era, what next…?

Jon Secada is on now with ‘Just another day‘ ‘Man of Mine’ says I played that all the time when we first met!

…OMG just when i think I am done one of my favorite ever songs comes on!! – RUN DMC ‘It’s like that’.  The video was brill with them in a big ‘break dance off’ in a dark car park, Perfect match of dance and beat! I want to lock and break when I hear this tune –guess I shouldn’t stand on my head till ‘Man of mine’ gets home, trying to spin round , I have to watch I don’t dislocate something.. I love dancing to songs like this TOO much, music touches your soul and my bleugh day has turned into a  walk down memory land with you  and you can do it for yourself whenever you like, go on, set up a playlist and ENJOY. Try some of my songs mentioned.


LOVE this album by LINKIN PARK – it has numb which is so good to listen to if you are.. a bit angry feeling

By the way I  MAY BE THE ONLY ONE but i am certainly NOT OVER ‘Gangham Style’-by Psy, I love it if it comes up on my playlist! go on put it on – its still genius!!! and is FOR SURE a CLASSIC  …this  heyyy sexxxy ladyyy is still dancing when that comes on!

..Along with -who can forget- C&C music factory (people sometimes forget THAT bit)  ‘Gonna make you sweat‘,… who DOES NOT see Morgan Freeman grooving about at the end of’ Even Almighty‘!  I will love that song FOREVER and am hopeful at the end of most movies that SUDDENLY the characters will start grooving about in out takes… Cybermen in Doctor who, Voldemort in Harry Potter?… I can HOPE!

I bid you goodnight!- come again to my HANG OUT online, here and in my FB clubs ! and sign up to NOT miss updates, maybe we will talk music again!

If you have a music lover in your life, maybe share this over to their email/feed so they can have a laugh with us too










28 thoughts on “MUSIC- The POWER of a PLAYLIST”

    1. Thanks Danniijane! -music can totally change your mood…and that can really help some turned my day around massively 😊…. love some Linkin! – so cool how Chester belts out some parts so roughly and can sing so sweetly too

      Liked by 1 person

  1. My coping process usually goes along the lines of getting sad/angry, listening to country, then Evanescence, then Paramore, and then ultimately landing on, like, Kesha. So I start picking at the wound, rub some salt in it, start to feel a bit less terrible, and then just completely forget that I was ever sad or angry in the first place. This is, of course, all happening in my car with the windows rolled down and the sunroof open.


  2. This is perfect. Music awakens the soul, and can definitely help on both the good, and the bad days. I abolsutely loved seeing the Bob Jovi album as I began to read this. Jon Bon saved my life three years ago, so any Bon Jovi album holds a special place in my heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Tatyana- just hearing what you said about Bon Jovi demonstrates how powerful music is- it’s a tool easy to be underused isn’t it. I really hope you will share my post – especially to anyone who appreviates music in their life or could derive comfort from it. Thank you so much for commenting…hope you play some great songs soon 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this post. Music moves me so much and has such an impact on my life. I too am one to dance wherever I am. I have on several occasions, been quite the show in the line up at a stop light.


  4. I totally agree with you, music can help us to pass bad moments and of course to supports us when we are happy! It’s very hard to make ideal playlist but we must try! I have few playlists, some for my happy mood, sad mood and when I travel. You have really good taste for music, and I must confess that I really like it! Thank you for sharing this post with us.



    1. Yes they are the music of yesteryear but somehow stand the test of time- a good recommendation! 😀
      and the cure I didn’t appreciate for a long while but now can see some great tracks! (Well…’hear’ lol)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. There’s an old poem known by a lot of musicians that I always come back to:

    “For heights and depths no words can reach,
    music is the soul’s own speech.”

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I, too, feel the need to move–dance–boogie when I hear certain songs. My two teenagers, however, feel differently about my sweet moves. It’s good to make our kids roll their eyes now and then, though, isn’t it? I’m sure I saw that in a parenting book somewhere. 😉

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