Need a HERO? Read Sarah Morgan

If you say , ‘Zozie –I want something ROMANTIC to read, something where I KNOW the man will come through, where I KNOW EVERYTHING will be okay, not something that will scare me for bedtime reading

…Something where I can sleep at night , can dream about my PERFECT man… believe he can and will appear



The Complete Trilogy


Now, for me, I have a new appreciation of the romance book, I always, ALWAYS, liked them and loved to dream of my PERFECT MAN, now,  I  NOW HAVE MAN OF MINE and he REALLY fits the bill for me

.. so now I read the books with a sense of looking at the man next to me and feeling lucky to have my OWN ONE! (HERO that is!… he will be so embarrassed reading this! oops!’ but I said no names! I am such a romantic but it is true)

So, whether you have your own hero or NOT!  I can, for your reading hours, suggest a Sarah Morgan book, they are like a hot chocolate for romance!

I started to read Sarah Morgan a year or two ago, I have read several on Kindle and the SNOW CRYSTAL TRILOGY was and still is a big favorite of mine.

I LOVED the snowy setting (two out of the three books) and the reads are bursting with COZY winter type scenes, log fires, the lot! (GO BUY IT if that appeals), the title to hunt up for book 1 is ‘Sleigh Bells in the Snow‘.

I have read a LOT of Sarah’s books, the recent ones anyway, and I have just finished the second in the trilogyFROM MANHATTAN WITH LOVE‘ all can be read in a standalone way but are really best read in order to get full value.

Already having read book one SLEEPLESS IN MANHATTAN‘, I was excited for book 2,  having decided book 1 was 5/5 to me,I  LOVED it, ‘instagramed‘ it, spoke to Sarah on there (YES!) and just stroked the cover of my paperback, (YES I do that, don’t you when they are embossed ?!)

So recently on to book 2! – This one is called ‘SUNSET IN CENTRAL PARK’, it’s about a character from book 1, Frankie, A girl who has has a jaded view on marriage and romance to say the LEAST, a LOT of issue there! She works in the marriage biz which is not ideal now is it when you don’t like the idea! …Okay twas slightly predicable, – it is hard for ME to not have A BIT OF COZY MYSTERY in there ..after the cozies being my genre of late! see HERE for Zozie Cozy talk!

BUT.. Sarah left me wanting to read book 3 VERY MUCH, especially as the character in it EVA, is sounding a little like myself , (shh again!).. very slushy and romantic softie type.

Book three is just out, (no I am not on commission!)  Called  ‘MIRACLE ON FIFTH AVENUE‘ It has THE MOST gorgeous cover! sparkles and embossing GALORE.

That’s me and Man of Mine on the cover (I have decided)… if we were skating on a New York ice rink!– well it COULD happen- he would so have to hold me upright!) ..and the book is next to the bed right now! will show you with a quick picture!


Shiny and Glittery cover!

I can read Sarah Morgan and know I am getting a great read- romance a plenty . .I know there will be friendship among the girls, some difficulties ahead that will be fixed for and by them

..and I know that the male protagonist will be there for his woman no matter what, and she for him too – and that they will live HAPPILY EVER AFTER

… so much better than the soap operas on TV…You can go from A- Z in a week (depending how fast you read of course) and after you finish that final page,  you can rest your head on the pillow and know ALL CAME RIGHT, All is as it should be.

I hope this has inspired a bit of romance reading in you, and reminded you that Hero’s ARE out there IN REAL LIFE.. hold out for one

No settling for less than you deserve.

Happy Reading, Have a great week



19 thoughts on “Need a HERO? Read Sarah Morgan”

  1. I am an absolute sucker for a happy ending and will give Sarah Morgan a try. Life is way too serious for me this year and some good old fashioned romance is just what I need!

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