Zozie’s Leek and Pea Soup- 12 easy steps

I am a bit of an expert when it comes to soup, it’s one of my favorite foods, so versatile and variable in varieties, .. I LOVE EATING SOUP. If you don’t … why miss out any longer.  Time to catch up.

Had to share my latest soup creation with you, My own RECIPE I must say creating soups is something likely to come up a fair bit on here as I just love doing it, and have made many of them over the years.

Not a lot I like more than the feeling of sitting down at the dinner table, with a steaming bowl of goodness ready to dive into, and a buttered sandwich or bread roll on the side plate, – that suits me just fine too, to compliment the hearty soup you understand…

Soups are one of my favorite food, I just adore them! – they are so filling and they give that healthy glow of being one of the best foods for you on the planet, that just has to be a fact! They are also so cosy, and you KNOW how much I LOVE COSY.

Did you notice it is getting COLD OUTSIDE as well, even MORE reason to eat soup! (but don’t be put off those in the southern hemisphere, it is still so worth it)

See Zozie’s PUMPKIN SOUP for more soup, and if PIE is what you are after today, this is pretty popular Zoe’s Delightful Cheese and Chicken Pie

Back to the SOUP..The way I make my soups is uber healthy, I have learnt a lot of tricks from making SO MANY and I am getting such a good idea of what works best.

It is fun experimenting with different vegetables and seeing what flavors they make.

Zozie’s Leek and Pea Soup

Firstly for those looking to reduce their salt, and to be honest we all are generally, I have found in many soups there is NO NEED for the stock cube, which can be the MAIN salt contributor.

Of course any ingredients you add could have salt, so check the labels and see what you are adding.

Also the veggies are so rich in fiber usually, and each of those little precious vegetables will be WHIZZING round your body fixing and cleaning and repairing things! Oh yes they are like little MIRACLES so get as many as you can into your system, it is AFTER ALL , your FUEL.

As such SOUP enables you to live that healthy, fulfilling life that you always want to lead, so give your body and spirit (as it is so relaxing eating soup, it forces you to slow down)  A TREAT and make  SOUP as much as you can.

So whether you are already into a bowl of glistening gorgeous soup/broth, or if you are now TEMPTED!  (oh good ).. Here is my latest HOME MADE RECIPE, created in Zozie’s Kitchen, and I hope YOU TRY IT SOON, ENJOY it SOON

*I use a soup maker, it’s SO easy that way , but this would be well worth making on the stove too*

Zozie’s Leek and Pea Soup


1 medium red onion

A few pumpkin seeds (optional)

3 tbsp Tomato Passata

1 Potato – medium

Sprinkle of Turmeric

4 cups (USA measurement) of Peas

1 medium Leek

2 small/medium carrots

Water of course!


1 Wash and chop the leek

2 Wash and slice the potato

3 Wash peel and chop the onion.

4 Wash/peel and chop carrots

5 Add these to the pan

6  Add the pumpkin Seeds, Passata and the Turmeric

7  Add in the cups of peas

8  Water to fill level of soup maker, or covering vegetable plus bit more, on a stove top

9 Cook (setting on soup maker is 21 minutes on mine) or on stove wait for the boil and then about same

10 My maker will blend for me, but if it is a stove top then let your soup cool before blending, as you don’t want hot soup splashing over you. Then reheat to enjoy of course.

11  Ladle the soup into your deep bowls, this will give about four, dive into the bread rolls and butter, and tear and dunk!

12 You can add a touch of pepper IF you fancy. Its your meal!

* Notice how the world looks a better place*

*This would freeze beautifully too, I see no reason why it wouldn’t..

EXCEPT that you and your family may have EATEN IT ALL, mine rarely make it too the freezer*

Hope you follow the blog to stay in touch,

Stay warm and cosy, share this with your friends and family,


My soup – art style

28 thoughts on “Zozie’s Leek and Pea Soup- 12 easy steps”

  1. I love this recipe!! My husband and I always seek soup out and leek and pea are some of our favorites! I absolutely love the healthy aspects and how it’s not overloaded with unnecessary ingredients. Awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Aleks – since blogging I am enjoying sharing my creations bit by bit
      …I love cooking, eating, and taking good health into consideration. Soup is a brilliant way to increase vegetable intake but it sounds like you and your husband are doing great!


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