Stirring up the COZY Mystery

Just finished reading the third installment in the COOKBOOK NOOK series, STIRRING THE PLOT. It’s was full of Halloween and FOOD, and of course COOKBOOKS…

This was not a hard book to enjoy, if you started from the beginning of the series, the cookbook nook mystery set is at it’s prime, but it can certainly be read as a standalone.

Adorable cover to Stirring the Plot book

Of course I PREFER to start my series reading at book ONE, but sometimes a book comes along in an offer (THANK YOU naughty amazon!) and it is too good a deal to pass up, almost rude one might say…

That of course leaves me with the DILEMMA, – of course these authors or publishers or sellers, who knows (not I) WHO make these decisions are pretty smart here –  as said, leaves me with the dilemma of do I order MORE books (top answer) so I can start at the beginning (and can I afford to?) OR do I dive in at whatever point the offer was for.  Alternatively I can put them on my bookshelf (fast gathering reads of the cozy variety) and WAIT till I have more, I have done ALL THREE of these options at different times. Usually depending on my spends..

Anyway, with this one I had spent birthday money getting all the books in the series up to date, HOORAY for a birthday! – and as I said this book is book 3, so glad I checked on that as I had gotten that mixed up and nearly read book 4 as book 3 – spot the mistake- Next Cozy for Zozie! it was deliberate honest! HA, why would it have been.

I read Stirring the Plot over the run up to Halloween and as such it was ideal timing with the book being set then, but for those who are interested in reading it at other times, (ie MOST of the time) Daryl Wood Gerberthe author– has been careful to not drench the book with so much Halloween it feels wrong at other times, every book in this series has that cozy mystery vibe we are all looking for.

For me of course it was wonderful to immerse myself in talk of Halloween cookbooks and events, and for those that read me and my ramblings on the cozy genre regularly, will know I ADORE a cozy cover, certain ones especially… and this one has the MOST adorable CAT , and it is even, EVEN I tell YOU , wearing a little witches hat…AW!  How CUTE can these covers get?  (Let that competition commence as I would like a good ringside seat!)

‘Stirring the Plot’ book  ADORNING my Bedside

The backgrounds through the windows on these covers leave me enthralled as well, this one has a big wheel, fairground type and it is shining in the night sky, I love it, and I love to read any cookbook titles on the table or shelves around the main picture too, I wonder Daryl Wood Gerber – if you know HOW MUCH your readers sometimes (or is it JUST ME?) study your book covers? – are you out there Daryl?

Daryl’s writing flows well, and you are soon lost with your pals like Aunt Vera – who we all see in her swishy Caftans, but NO? Aunt Vera has LOST HER MOJO in this book and it is just not right, I look forward to all being as usual for her in book 4 (hopefully).

Set in Crystal Cove this book actually brings in a crystal of sorts into the investigation which adds more to the place name, I don’t know it if is featuring a fake or real rock, Thorntonite, I would need to google and maybe I WILL – not sure I can resist.

This is about the murder of Pearl, oh poor pearl, so much family tragedy and then at a party well, I won’t give spoilers! – suffice to say Pearls PARTYING days are now behind her, and poor ole Jenna – our protagonist – is driven to AGAIN (she never gets a rest!) start sleuthing ala Nancy Drew style.  She winds up Cinnamon, the local policewoman, a treat as always (I don’t mean the wind up is a treat) It’s like in Scooby Doo -it is a case of appreciation by the law enforcement before the END of the read. (Don’t think the word PESKY is used?)

I love the cast of characters in this book and I want Jenna to spend more time with her beau! Maybe a fun time in the kitchen with Jenna learning more cooking from Rhett (gone with the wind fan at all Daryl? – just asking) Rhett is hot in the kitchen and I imagine Jenna will want to know more about just how hot ..This is a cozy though so I guess the bedroom door will stay firmly shut, we will be able to tell though, Jenna is having enough THOUGHTS about him, but she does put her sleuthing first… I guess that’s the job of a cozy protagonist. It’s not a romance novel.

I am hoping Jenna may spend more time down at the seafront in the next book, okay I am reading it over the autumn BUT I love hearing about views and sounds, transporting me to one of my favorite environments. For those that love that, I have a page bookmarked permanently because of its sea descriptions in an Eva Gates book , read here for that ABOUT THE ZOZIE COZY

Lighthouse Library by EVA GATES- a firm favorite to me

Back to STIRRING THE PLOT – Well, I loved this book and HOORAY again, I couldn’t work out WHODUNIT, that is brilliant as it is something I don’t like to be able to do.  Click to see my feelings on that in this post –WHODUNIT?

Its all in good fun..

So whether you want to start at the series beginning or jump in mid way, see Jump in Mid-Series?

…then you will be IN FOR A TREAT! (better than a TRICK!)

Well I bid you farewell from ZOZIE- LAND, What are YOU reading?

Have fun and take care





9 thoughts on “Stirring up the COZY Mystery”

  1. Hi! What a fun and lively review. I’m SO glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I do know how much my fans love covers and study them. I even made an app for this cover way back when. It’s no longer viable, but it was fun while it lasted! Enjoy all the books and thanks for featuring my book on your blog! ~ Daryl aka Avery

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a PLEASURE you jumped in herešŸ˜Š
      So glad you enjoyed the review, and that app sounded cool while it lasted then…It is such a cute cover and just adds to the book enjoyment! You write that series perfectly!


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