Children’s Book Ideas – 10 TOP tips

I am really happy to chat about Children’s books with you, because I love them so much, for children.. wonderful yes –but also FOR ME! 

That puts me in an excellent position to give you Holiday Gift ideas for the little ones in your life, (as I have been every age till now!)  or .. FOR YOURSELF. 

I am in no way ashamed to admit I LOVE TO- especially in the autumn/winter, – curl up in bed with a copy of the Famous Five by Enid Blyton, or the latest Anne Booth cute animal tale with a twist of MAGIC.  Give me a  C.S Lewis read, or finding the Wind in the Willows on my kindle, pure delight! So Lets dive into the reading delight of CHILDREN’S BOOKS.

Firstly when finding books for presents it is good to ask Children what appeals, it simply is… take a child into Waterstones, or your local bookshop and go to the children’s section and see how much they will enjoy it, it is likely to be A LOT. My advice ALLOW TIME…for both of you to enjoy it. Here are my top 10 tips.

‘Man of Mine’ will tell you that FOR ME, the pull of the children’s section in a bookshop is alive and well with myself… yes, it goes like this,

Psst – for more grown up book talk see Need a HERO? Read Sarah Morgan or Cozy Mystery..Well Does he?.. or she! or even ..Guessed the WHODUNIT?

1   Go into a bookstore…

2   Breath in the atmosphere, (unless it is REALLY dusty)

3   NOTICE..the peace, the quiet, look around you at ALL the amazing tall shelves of books,

See what you recognize and what offers jump out at you,

Then wander further in, and see a table with a display of COLOURING BOOKS and craft boxes… this will get my attention every time

– after seeing how many of the colouring books I already have, (hmm.. turns out a fair few..) I see MORE I like and say to ‘Man of Mine’ can he note this or that one for me . He happily obliges – as I am such a lucky lady to have such a man.

My colouring shelf, this is MOST of them

Man of mine will wander off and look at some section that is more MAN LIKE,

Later where will ‘Man of Mine’ find me, (as he ALWAYS HAS TO FIND ME, I have WAY more staying power in a bookshop than himself, but that is to be expected as I am the person with the BOOKWORM title in our house.)

As I was saying.. where will he find me? that’s right, in the CHILDREN’S SECTION – often admittedly admiring the soft toys based on book characters.

Last hear ‘Man of Mine’ treated me to the Hungry caterpillar, oh how I love that caterpillar, it is next to the bed looking after books – or is it eating them?  I never had the book growing up, (yet!)  but I grew up thinking it was an amazing sight as it had HOLES where the hungry caterpillar is actually eating the BOOK!  LOVE IT! and so do others as it often seems popular at amazon, so there is an idea for you and your Child/Grandchild/Niece/Nephew etc.

My own Hungry Caterpillar, hopefully NOT eating my Johanna Basford book.

7  I would also take a look at books by Anne Booth, she has three sweet books about a little girl Lucy who rescues poorly animals with the help of her Grandma who runs a rescue center, they are always set at Christmas and the illustrations are wonderful, black and white line drawings – so charming in their sweetness factor.

So cute, how I love Anne Booth books

One of the reasons I love Children’s books are the illustrations lacking in ‘grown up’ books.

So with Anne’s books you can read about the cute Rabbit who gets his paw caught and needs looking after, Lucy wishes on her Magic SNOW GLOBE  (I am fascinated with snow globes)  and it all helps a great deal, I was telling ‘Man of Mine’ about it on our walk the other day.

Also there is one about a cute Reindeer that Santa leaves for Lucy to look after in her garden shed, a little hard to keep that a secret but she tries…

Another , the latest, involves an adorable baby Otter, who needs help after having got lost from his home and caught in plastic, but Lucy SAVES THE DAY.

All of the books have SPARKLE on the cover, – in this country anyway, and I love them, so cute and I have read them all.  I would say if reading them to a child generally age 4-8. That could so vary though I know.

Into FAIRIES?  This book is also excellent reading material if you have a child into fairies, or you want to read about them. It is by Karen McQuestion,

It is a tale about how Celia has her Grandmother come to live with them, the grandmother tells Celia all about how in the woods behind their home lots of fairies are living there. Celia thinks it is a just a tale for her, but then she FINDS OUT IT IS TRUE!

It is a pretty exciting read full of drama and has those tense moments in fiction land where you are turning pages so fast. I would suggest age 6-10 maybe.

For the FROZEN fans in your life, (that would also be me then!) there are some gorgeous little books in the GOLDEN BOOKS range, this range was around when I was small and fascinated me with the way they have a golden edge to the book, it is good to see they still do.

I have two of these tales, and they are a fun read and have your favorite characters inside (OLAF is the best!just saying). These books have wonderful colour pictures and are usually a very good price from what I have seen.

The two I have are called ‘Olaf’s perfect day‘ (clue- it is a sunny cover) and ‘A New Reindeer friend’  (springtime look cover) both are fab.

If you want to drop the frozen theme ( intake of breath,)  I can just about hold it together to tell you about another golden book I have that is …RED! yes RED on the golden book, I think it may be something to do with the fact it is called ‘Santa’s Toy Workshop‘ This one has the great traditional Christmas style cover and would be a fun read/or gift.

These are shorter to read than the books above but they are still decent enough for a quick children’s read. Plus you will look at the pictures a LOT!

Golden Books in my collection

10  To finish up (although I could go on forever about this and may revisit it in the future) .. I will suggest to you the range of Mr Men and Little Miss Books, wow there are a LOT of these, the range is HUGE. They are all excellent and fun though. All have a lesson in them and the pictures are wonderful, short on words they are a very quick read, but they are cool. Probably age aimed for the very small ones in your life if gift buying.

I have three myself from the new magic range, they are just SPARKLY  (it gets me!) and I wanted a few for my book collection of children’s books.  I will picture the 3 I chose and you can see how fun they look, one is even about a UNICORN… I LOVE a Unicorn.

A Frog Prince, A Wizard AND a UNICORN – just saying..

So I would recommend these wholeheartedly. (especially the unicorn one of course…)

Have some fun visiting bookstores soon and seeing what you fancy buying for YOUR personal children’s book collection… or for a GIFT of course. (That IS allowed). HAVE FUN ALL

Until next time, please do follow to not miss out, appreciate you enjoying it here





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