Toys are fun, they are good for Children’s development / well being, they are great gifts, AND surely they are some of the most WELCOME parcels ON THE PLANET 

I believe toys are for ADULTS too!

Yet when we grow up we can forget how to play, how to BE playful, how to have our imagination captured and to be CATAPULTED someplace else for a while

I believe toys are for ADULTS too!  Dive into the blog here, don’t let practicalities tell you that you are ‘too old to play’, THAT’S BORING! – you’re NOT BORING… I KNOW you’re not! – you’re reading this for a start.  Well done YOU.

I am similar with BOOKS read Children’s Book Ideas

Quite frankly, PLAY is GOOD for you, it certainly has HEALTH BENEFITS and BONUS  – makes you a more FUN PERSON … you know you want to be and have more fun. PLAY!

If you follow the blog regularly, even though it is a young blog, you will be getting to know me much better and  as such, you won’t (probably) be too surprised to hear…

…that I am a bit of a TOY COLLECTOR

Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh -from my Toy Chest

Not in a MASSIVE way and I don’t have anything from my childhood that was my pal or something (no harm in that) but since I grew up I grew into my second (third forth whatever! ) childhood.

This comes and goes in waves but to be honest NEVER goes far (or anywhere).

It seems to be Autumn/Winter I start to want collecting cute things again though’s because ZOZIE LOVES HER COSY!  Read  Romance is COSY

Also What does NOVEMBER mean to YOU? gave some Zozie COSY TIMES examples – enjoy if you missed it.

So.. we find ourselves in November. that means cold, scarves, hats,  leaves, casseroles and lamplightalong with more crochet, audio books/podcasts,  blankets on the bed and best of all Christmas approaching. So lots of treats and decorations and just a festive feel in the air everywhere you go..when it gets closer.

Well… I am more than excited…a parcel arrived and it is Sylvanian Families Tree House! …

This was a fun delivery!

…For one… I love toys… for two… I love Trees! and for three…I LOVE CUTE things and this even without any characters yet has the cute factor! I have started a ‘Sylvanian Family Collection’, and on order is the Striped Cat family, they look so sweet, Mum, Dad, Brother Sister, in their little sweet outfits, I hope they arrive soon.

‘Man of Mine’ helped me assemble the tree house, but to be honest it was embarrassingly easy. 

Seeing as I had no characters for it, I quickly went to my other toys and found suitable characters to fit in…

I mused, on where I may put the tree house, our house is hardly gargantuan, CAN you believe ‘Man of Mine’ suggested (with a cheeky smile)  ‘I thought you would clear out a few books?‘  HA , don’t worry! – he  was only joking!  ‘Man of Mine’ knows best how to bring upon a response, although I know him so well it was a scoff back at best!

Ha ha, AS IF,  it is one of those things… ‘I will find room somehow’ I like tidying and arranging, so I am confident I can come up with a decent arrangement.Already have a plan or two, involving the top of my toy chest or the top of my bookcases… the possibilities are ENDLESS. Main thing at the moment is wherever I place it I am going to want to keep rearranging the characters, so it has to be easy to get to, but not …in the middle of the dinner table…. (where it currently resides.). It’s do-able there.


I even had a visitor from Frozen and Harry Potter drop by the treehouse

Sylvanian Families internet perusing… my latest favorite pastime.. reminds me of Amazon’s black Friday…WHOLE WEEK – Of which I am on WATCHER DUTY! (if that was a ‘thing’) – I am quite the bargain hunter and I will be watching the toy department as one of my TOP PRIORITY jobs!  (Not one person will say ‘ZOZIE!- KEEP A VERY CLOSE EYE ON THE AMAZON TOY DEPARTMENT ‘ – They would not be so (thoughtful) FOOLISH!  (Actually ‘Man of Mine’ may be – he loves a bargain too) …Why encourage me when I just need no more encouragement than that which I was born with. The cute factor just NEVER LEFT ME!

Luckily ‘Man of Mine’ DOESN’T MIND, Occasionally mentions space, gives a wincing/worried look  but that’s as far as it goes. ..he LOVES me having my ‘cuddlies’ and cute things (is cuddlies a word?) and he admires their ‘cute factor’ himself.

Wouldn’t you just like to climb those stairs yourself? Sven the reindeer plans to in my opinion

So last year  in Black Friday I awarded myself a revisit to ‘a few years ago yesteryear’. ..with a BRATZ DOLL a new addition as they stopped making them and now they are BACK. ..I was very pleased with the quality, they are value for money and pretty tough, lots of fun dressing the, and seeing if they come with accessories, doing their hair, I have SO MANY bratz BRUSHES collected over the years, not much good on my own hair, a little, …small.etc….but on a bratz they are stupendous!

Also, last year,  a GIANT Peter Rabbit…who was just too cute not to buy at the amazing price he was discounted too…I love him. (but note, -his satchel is TOO small and can’t hold his snacks well enough what’s a rabbit to do!) He is such a big size to cuddle, and really soft.

It was probably the year before at the Disney Store (they shut down our almost local one – how could they, it was the closest I have come yet to Disneyland!

I absolutely LOVED The Disney Store, it was like stepping into a parallel universe of the Disney variety, loved it  (but to be honest didn’t spend a lot of money in it,  ALTHOUGH would have– I just didn’t see it much  ha ha.)

‘Man of Mine’  himself discovered a GIANT Olaf from frozen so inexpensive it was RUDE NOT TO ..(And I practically jumped on the ‘we have to’  but he needed NO persuasion! ) He is a man with a HEART.That OLAF is special (as is ‘Man of Mine’ and both like ‘warm hugs’ as the movie goes)

Giant Olaf having a good read…

*My version of GIANT by the way isn’t one of those person size toys you see around …unless you count baby/almost a toddler ‘size’.*

Well, we can talk more other times too about toys and I will let you know how my striped Cat set fits into my new toy tree house, introduce you to my Peter Rabbit tree house toy, (yes I LOVE trees).. along with rediscovering some Bratz dolls that I can pull out of the wardrobe and walk you through some WINTER FASHIONS BRATZ STYLE! 


So, if you are looking to rediscover old favorites, OR make new favorites, sign up to whimsyandcosy, its LOADS of fun here. Tell your friends…


PS in the Header picture, Peter Rabbit (my SMALL version of Peter) has a big (bratz doll) HOT CHOCOLATE… just saying…


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