NEW YORK ROMANCE READING -Mistletoe on 34th Street

The kindle is recharging, the end of a book has been enjoyed…  NOW I want to tell you all about it- if you love NEW YORK, if you love ROMANCE, and if you love CHRISTMAS, then Lisa Dickenson has ALL THE INGREDIENTS YOU NEED to fulfill your reading wish list with the wonderful read ‘Miracle on 34th street’

My advice it to read this book with a notepad, so you can note, WHERE to visit in New York that YOU  fancy, put it right by your side, especially if you are a reader like me.  Full of inspiration and seasonal cheer, wrapped up in a slight bit of humbug behavior that at no time seems convincing …  What a read it is, no problem at all to turn pages/kindle buttons, no problem to feel that warm fuzzy glow of good romance and loads of Christmas talk.

This could easily be enjoyed at any time of the year as it is simply a wonderful romance and wonderful tale of a trip to New York, its right up my street and I LOVED it.

Lisa Dickenson is my self proclaimed AUTHOR OF THE YEAR (sorry I have no ‘actual’ award Lisa) but last year my biggest discovery was romance writer,Sarah Morgan, (check out my blog post –Need a HERO?) and THIS YEAR, although I have read about a million cozy mysteries (sorta..) my absolute FAVORITE discovery HAS to be romance writer LISA DICKENSON.. (followed up by  Mystery writer, Amanda Flower  – check out my review Here!)

I first came across Lisa when I read, last Christmas, the fabulous book entitled ‘The twelve dates of Christmas’ … I remember having a similar response to THIS book just completed. So now I want to read EVERYTHING Lisa has written, luckily for my purse it is not a whole stack yet. Quality not quantity suits me FINE. (it’s so much less expensive)

This book starts with our introduction to Olivia who is given the task of heading up a work trip to New York in the run up to Christmas, she hasn’t done it before but is pretty responsible, cares about the team, well, maybe not Jasmine… We find out about the other members of the group,  It really feels  like a comedy, even the mile high club get involved which is pretty embarrassing for Olivia as team leader. (hehe)

My new Favorite Read by Lisa Dickenson

We don’t hear much about the hotel but what we do hear about is the business which is a worthy type one, but all the fuzzy reading times come from reading about the sights in New York and the NOT YET HAPPENED ROMANCE between Olivia and an old time colleague/friend called Jon.

As we think we know how all is placed, along comes Elijah .. stage left, he seems nice enough as Olivia get to know him, is supposed to be very handsome,  but we can TELL he is a bit of a holiday romance in Olivia’s eyes, (and Jon slides to the background of the story) Not sure what Elijah has planned.. (except he doesn’t want to do tourist things as he lives in NY and so he wants to be going to quiet places but come on, as IF Olivia wants to miss all THOSE ones!)

Anyway – we readers don’t get to choose do we, SO, we visit the bar and let Olivia’s Jon fade back, not learning more about how much we like him or not for her. Part of the course in book land.

Well, it just so happens that the worse blizzard ever hits England and much of Europe, so now the flights home are postponed, (and hotels paid for by the airline – RESULT),  Olivia is pretty worried, as although she is not at all festive, members of her team are, in parts, Olivia wants to get them home in time for Christmas. Its so important to her and yet out of her hands really.

Of course, this forces Olivia and the team (Plus Elijah and Jon) to have more time for FESTIVE FUN in NY, hooray. we enjoy tales of ice skating and incredible views, and lots of big fat snowflakes. (always better through glass and books than if you are standing in it for more than 10 minutes.  Brr COLD, where is the flask of tea?… or standing in central park the carton of coffee? – LARGE – which I WOULD have even though I don’t drink coffee… it would be PART OF IT).

So the book moves in count downs to the BIG DAY, and with airline closures and backlogs, more time for DATES for Olivia.  I won’t tell you what happens BUT… IS it Olivia and Elijah? OR Olivia and Jon?  OR Olivia and simply Olivia… WAIT AND SEE, even if you guess you don’t KNOW till you read it and there could be ‘MAHOOSIVE’ plot twists! (or NOT)

This book reads like a big cheesy episode of ‘Friends'( but even better,)… it ALSO reminds me of watching a ‘Bridget Jones‘ movie, so lots of good company,  I could imagine it would make a movie I would be DESPERATE to see, and if not why on EARTH NOT? – ALL ingredients are there for a brilliant NY Christmas Romance movie, (for me at least)  There are not enough of those being made.

There is good food, gift giving, store visiting, cold weather, and a drama that you just KNOW is going to turn out okay in the end.

I love this book, and fans of Sophie Kinsella would love it too,  (I have enjoyed many Sophie books years ago now).

So,  if you are near to a bookstore, go pop in and see if they have a copy,  it will be worth your while, OR look on your online haunt, and IF you have a kindle.. it could be yours tonight, to curl up with… a hot chocolate in one hand and a fire in the background,  as you while away time.. in a pleasurable fog of a great romance book at a festive time of year.

Grab Your Mistletoe

Then if you have your OWN Hero, (and he may be round the cornergo give him a cuddle…

Happy Reading All,







22 thoughts on “NEW YORK ROMANCE READING -Mistletoe on 34th Street”

  1. Loved your review. I lived in NYC for a year and you should definitely visit if you ever can. I love romance novels and have been reading for years, such a nice escape

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the compliment! – yes I would love to visit and need all the great recommended places to stay etc…would love to do all those tourist things 😊
      Glad you love your reading too


  2. I lived in the tristate area for over 10 years and after moving to the west coast, New York is the only thing I think of when I miss the east coast! I miss it like I would a person. And New York during the Christmas time is heaven! The winter market in Bryant Park is my favorite! This book sounds right up my alley, thanks for reviewing it, will give it a read!

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