CROCHET Inspiration – Scarves..Blankets and a Hat

I love crochet and one of my favorite things to crochet is blankets.  They are to me a way of relaxing …maybe along with an audio book, podcast ,  or good TV show 

When first learning to crochet, my aim was purely to help DE-stress, it was WAY more about the method than results…which was handy as I spent the first two weeks re-doing the first few lines . ..


I’ve only been crocheting about a year and not every month of that . ..I was crocheting so much late September when I started ,  till January…then it eased off…then around spring I got busy with it again and then it eased off…now I’m busy with it again…does it ever go that way for you ?

I really had extraordinary patience with myself 90% of the time – just laughed as I messed up again. ( I guess it helped I really had it in very good perspective ).  I learnt the chain row very fast but that double crochet out witted me for a bit (single crochet to you in USA). The stitches were generally too tight and I just couldn’t get everything in the right position with my yarn but.. after about a fortnight . .I felt I was doing things the SAME WAY had as PER THE INSTRUCTION  but it just suddenly started TO WORK – YIPPEE.

My very first working crochet

I do though..hold my yarn in a way I have not seen in a magazine but it works for me so that’s brilliant for me. I learnt a lot through a magazine part work for a bit, called ‘The art of Crochet’.

I loved all the colours you can get to choose from too. Yarns became fascinating.

By the way if you love colourful things then check out my Blog post on Colouring Fun – Johanna Basford


The thing I MOST WANTED to make in the whole world was a SCARF…a scarf that was not ANY OLD SCARF . ..a scarf for ‘Man of Mine’– a scarf he could wear that would keep him warm and that he could think of how I MADE IT for him.  Every stitch done and redone was stitched with a lot of love .

I had selected the yarn carefully ,  it was very soft  ( last thing I wanted was all that effort for something itchy or scratchy ) and I chose a shade I thought he would really like.

When I ordered it I did mail order and the yarn arrived in a lovely organza bag and it all felt very special .

I completed that scarf ! –and before the end of autumn  (bonus– I had wondered just HOW long this may take me ) and I am really happy with it .  Truth be told it’s a bit wonky . .but I was too pleased to have ‘Man of Mines’  scarf appearing, to keep undoing it forever . ..

How I loved the feeling of this crochet scarf coming together.

‘Man of Mine’ was suitable impressed with it and modeled it for me , looking all handsome, He tucked it in his work bag for cold mornings and told me how warm it made him. It made me SO HAPPY to hear ,  it was such a big deal making that scarf and had been at a very challenging time.

‘Man of Mine’ modelling the scarf.

After that I went crochet crazy for a while ..the way I seemed to learn best was watching the way people’s hands moved on you tube…patterns still confuse me quite a bit unless they are very basic, not to mention that some are written in UK terms and some USA.  (why? why?)


The second thing I started that took many months to complete  (and projects 3, 4, 5, 6, and more finished in between), was my beautiful Crochet Blanket!

I had been enchanted by the crochet blanket tales and pictures of Lucy from blog ‘attic 24’ – which I still love to read.

I bought one of Lucy’s yarn packs in an online store ,  looked at a pattern on her site – decided I didn’t know how – and taught myself the simpler treble crochet stitch (UK terms) and in fact I think I used colours not JUST from the pack I bought – so all in all I very much made my own blanket to my own design. Some of Lucy’s words of wisdom enthused me so  much so that it helped me to gain the confidence which was the biggest requirement .  I so wanted to HAND MAKE A BLANKET as beautiful as hers. I admired them so much …

Such a yummy non edible bag of yarn ready to make the first blanket with.

‘Zozie LOVES her Cosiness ‘ as you know if you read regularly here,  and crochet blankets are COSY with a capital COSY!

The great thing about blanket making is if it’s autumn winter it keeps your lap warmer and warmer as you crochet…COSY.  ( Not so brilliant to be doing  as the weather warms up but hey-ho )

This was a lovely morning of crochet I remember.

Anyway …after putting it down for a while I got back to it, more and more rows and then a border . I loved and LOVE the look of it…so bright and cheerful . a rainbow but BETTER ( if I am allowed to say – I just love it .)

Loved how that toasty crochet blanket was growing.

Another thing I did was turn it into a MEMORY BLANKET  of sorts . ..I kept often associating rows/colours with events/things I love and because of that there are some  rows I look at and think ‘ Christmas ‘  or ‘Valentine Day’ or something smaller but special or funny to me.

This case was extremely useful as the blanket grew and grew…

The feel of the blanket is so toasty and warm…and very soft. It is cosy and up on the bed as I speak. It looks like a lovely happy hello.

I took a long while sewing in the ends though but it was WORTH it.

TA-DA such a big crochet thing to make, literally!  I love it.



I have made other things in the mean time…one item is a winter HAT in a nice burnt orange shade… I followed a you – tube tutorial and spent a few hours over a couple of days on it – love it.  I used a thick yarn and could hardly believe I made myself a WHOLE HAT. ( and that it fits my head okay…although to be honest it slips down a bit …still fine ).

I could hardly believe in two days I could make myself this warm Crochet Hat.

I will blog more about things I have crocheted and hope you will be interested …it is amazing what can be done – even if lots of patterns still intimidate me as yet!


At the moment I have a few works in progress, that progress goes from ‘ worked on today ‘ to ‘ worked on 6 months ago’ or some such.  Such is life etc..

However I am finishing off a   small LAP BLANKET – which I started last Xmas – it was going to be full size but I do like doing those LONG ROWS of crochet ,  so I have decided to make it just big enough to drape over my lap and keep me a bit warmer …that is 3/4 there.

Also I have what I call my WINTER BLANKET on the go- ‘Man of Mine’ bought me LOADS of yarn last Christmas …it was my YARN DREAM ..and I am working on a blanket to drape over the two of our laps while we binge watch TV shows on the More4 app. (Married at first sight /seven year switch ! ) or put on a Movie from Sky Cinema (me =snoopy movie him= nearly all action movies… but we watch each others things and enjoy – except if I have to cover my eyes too much so I journal instead…ALTHOUGH I have been known to get to the end of a scary movie and ‘Man of Mine’ says ‘ ‘that was gory ‘ and I say ‘WAS IT ? ‘ – because I am SO IMMENSELY TALENTED at looking away and enjoyed the movie best of all on occasion).

So.. a double size lap blanket on order from myself- the hook is FLYING and the rows are gaining .  Only thing is, I am wanting it wider,   so I think a good size border is needed. I will get there.


Will blog you some pictures of how it is going on my next crochet blog post, sign up to the BLOG if you want to follow my tales. (scroll down on mobiles or check out the side of the screen on bigger devices)

I have the WhimsyandCosy CRAFT CLUB on Facebook if any of you love crafts (or art things)…hop over from my link here or on the main screen and apply to join. Doesn’t mean you have to be great at craft at all.  There are hundreds of us there now. WhimsyandCosy Craft Club Join HERE

My special memory crochet blanket, do you see I decided on a sunshine border at the very edge?

So, I will enclose a few pics for you and we can talk crochet again… I have plenty to say …let me know if YOU love it too – I LOVE to hear. In January I am joining in a CAL (crochet -a-long) from the Attic 24 blog, if I can master the wavy stitch!  I will let you know how I am going with it.

Remember to SIGN UP for the updates if you don’t want to miss out, it’s appreciated and there will be EXTRA GOODIES for the email subscribers..






38 thoughts on “CROCHET Inspiration – Scarves..Blankets and a Hat”

  1. I have been so lking forward to this post since you told me.

    Can I ask a qustion regarding your crochet blanket, as this is something I would like to do later when I know I am ok with what I am learning so far.
    Am I right that your crochet blanket is all one piece and not squares sewn together? I always wondered if a blanket could be crochet in one piece as I’d like to do a stripe one too.

    Will you be talking about your loom ones later and showing what you made please?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope Liz- love chatting to you so thanks for taking the time. ..firstly thanks for being so interested. . Always great to chat crochet!
      I’m not sure where the loom bit comes from as I don’t use one but the blankets look similar made by loom. Yes my blanket is one piece and no – its not squares – your right.
      It is only one piece in that you have to change yarn colours though so it’s not one continuation but that would be one BIG ball of yarn! …I really encourage you to try a blanket and can certainly give more ‘how to’ on basic crochet to anyone who needs it in any way I can…ask any questions and I would do my best.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, my mistake, it was another commenter talking about loom on my blog, when I was discussing crochet. Hope you share more here of your crochet, although I will be following your Facebook page too. I absolutely love it. Another lesson tomorrow at a local class not far fom me. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Great looking projects. I also enjoy crocheting and knitting. I’m always looking for easy and unique hat patterns. Our daughter has Alopecia (complete hair loss) she wears a hat almost daily so appreciates new ones for variety.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loving the colours on the blanket. I’ve not attempted anything like a hat yet though as still learning and intimidated by the decreasing and counting stitches. I love the attic 24 blankets and that you can buy them in a pack, I find colour choosing/matching quite difficult and it’s like the hard work has been done for me lol


    1. Hi Joanne, Really glad colour packs work for you, the ‘style craft’ packs can be very good value can’t they.
      I loved the mix of colour in mine but as I said as I bought more yarn I think I didn’t mind if I included other ones😊 Of course someone could buy a couple of balls of a shade and simply give it a go without buying a whole pack. Thanks for chatting.


    1. You really CAN do it… I did the same stitch over and over and went wrong and I couldn’t see what I was doing incorrect but then it just suddenly started to go right! – it’s practice and holding the yarn I would say ‘mid’ tight. ..I was holding it way to tight at the start. I did that with knitting as well ..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly that ! I keep ending up with two stitches when I pull through instead of one , and also keep missing stitches but like you say I think that’s just my tension maybe ? X


      2. Yes….I got chain stitch so fast…then tried double crochet (single in usa) and did it over and over and it was really tight and messed up but after about two weeks of regular trying …I changed no instruction as I was following a guide…and it just started to work. I think having yarn that is clear to see the stitches helps (darker is harder and some yarn just separated more) and as I said holding the yarn firm but mid tight…and I don’t hold the yarn as they instruct with it around my fingers – I do it how feels comfy holding it – and easier to me. I went very slow too….I’m still not that fast at it but I can do it

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ahhh I think you’ve cracked it ! It’s my wool that is seperating ! Thanks so much for your advice I’m definitely going to keep trying .. I’ll keep you posted , have a great day !

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yippee! happy to have helped, it is well worth practicing as when you get it – it just is so great a skill. So happy I found a solution that may have been blocking your learning. Stay in touch and also you may end up doing the crochet-a-long yet!

        Liked by 1 person

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