Goosebumps, Joy, and a MONTHLY UPDATE

Hello ALL

Well it has been another month of the world of Zozie at WhimsyandCosy.  As well as giving you pointers toward some of this last months offerings that you may have missed …I am going to fill you in with some reviews of movies I have recently watched that you may enjoy yourself and want to look out for. Featured is GOOSEBUMPS starring Jack Black and JOY starring Jennifer Lawrence.

I am a bit of a MOVIE BUFF .. I love the big screen, One of my favorite trips out always is the CINEMA, love the whole atmosphere, the dark, the quiet, the immersion, the COSY!  but failing a trip to the cinema, which to be frank is getting a bit more expensive now.. I am happy to get cinema at home with our NOW TV subscription, PRIME subscription, and MORE4 box set app!  Here’s what we are loving at the ZOZIE HOUSEHOLD…

Firstly as the month draws to a close at time of publishing this, I wanted to point you in the direction of posts you may have missed  – a selection for your CATCH UP purposes are for instance…there is the complete bunch in the Archives or Menu. Stroll about.

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BACK TO MOVIE LAND…Most of ‘Man of Mine’ and Myself’s viewing pleasure comes from the NOW TV sub, which is now called sky cinema as a channel, it is so inexpensive for the amount of movies that we MOST months do manage to get though!  We have never watched as many films in our lives and love it.

In fact I have made a LIST of how many movies we have watched this year at home, and on what platform (sky cinema wins by a mile) …along with rating them out of 5, I am a movie geek and HAPPY WITH IT. Won’t tell you the figure yet as it is not complete and I can be a COMPLETIST

So the FIRST MOVIE to be reviewed from our recent ‘watching’  IS...(drum roll)..

GOOSEBUMPS.. staring Jack Black in the lead role.

This movie was one that came out a while ago but is a recent one and I remember Jack Black doing publicity for it, I know the books that the movie is based on, eerie and creepy books for children, very very popular, and I would say like a children’s version of the old TV show ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ written by Roald Dahl.

Goosebumps books however, are written by author, R L Stine. I love the way in the MOVIE the story is based on a mysterious family, a DAD and DAUGHTER, who are next door to a teenage boy (just moved in) and who is the mysterious MAN and WHAT are those strange strange books on his shelves with LOCKS on them!

I don’t want to give spoilers, but suffice to say it is a clever twist in this family movie, Goosebumps is a fun scary tale suitable for a family movie night, and in a way has the scare factor of something such as the original Ghostbusters.

Jack Black is BRILLIANT in the lead role, he plays the mad sort of part well, all those crazy funny faces, popping up and glaring, giving raised eyebrows and adding to the drama well.

All the actors in the movie did really well and the movie effects were great, it was one of those really… MAKING YOU JUMP sort of movies, (or is that JUST ME)  but nothing proper scary , would depend on your child how they would find it, but it is like a Scooby Doo movie or that sort of feel.

Next up is a completely different type of movie called ..

JOY… staring Jennifer Lawrence as Joy, alongside Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as we sat down to watch this movie, we knew it was about a woman selling a mop, maybe a rags a riches tale and was fairly recent, I had also heard it had a QVC scene, and liking QVC was a bit interested to see that. Sounded like there was humor too. (so often a GOOD THING in a movie)

Anyway, so the movie started and it quickly became apparent that Jennifer as JOY, was going to very much be the main player, as you may guess but she sure has a LOT of acting to do.

We followed the characters story through her childhood and then the main part of the movie was where Jennifer stepped in as Joy.

It was interesting to see Robert DeNiro as a more rough character, although he does like a more quirky part, anyone see ‘Meet the Parents’?

It was certainly a story of a dysfunctional family but it was based on the fact that Joy was determined to better her life and not end up like the family living around her, and she propelled herself to being a successful business woman. The story certainly demonstrated the LUCK involved (and her family were in the business of production)  but it showed that Joy did keep trying to find a way where there was a TINY bit of hope.

I don’t know how much was played up from the story, I forgot to say BASED ON TRUE LIFE, and there was one or two situations if not more, very tense cringe moments.  The movie is NOT heavy though in its feel.

The QVC bits were so funny, and cringe as all did NOT go well at first, and did QVC have rotating platforms then? – I guess so.. it was really a good part of the movie to watch.

The movie was excellent and had no BORING BITS. …has lots of little bits of humor. 

The acting by everyone was excellent, – it had quite the collection of characters living under one roof in the story line.

I would give it a watch if I were you.

Have fun


PS I hope you like my redesigned header to the site, I intend to change it with the seasons for you… adding to all of our pleasure. (even to those in the southern hemisphere – hoping you will enjoy the photography!)







9 thoughts on “Goosebumps, Joy, and a MONTHLY UPDATE”

  1. Joy was an interesting movie, I’m used to Jen Lawrence being in funny roles, so this one really threw me for a loop. Also, I really enjoy your blog font!


    1. Thank you paige- I like the way the fonts a little different to a lot.
      I have seen Jennifer in funny roles- will look out for those (she didn’t really get the small humours in ‘Joy’did she.


  2. Ooooh, buttered rolls that’s all I can think about now. I had to go gluten free earlier this year and all last week I kept saying “rolls were my favorite part of thanksgiving dinner, it’s not the same anymore”


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