It’s the WhimsyandCosy Crochet a long 2017

It’s the whimsyandCosy CAL …which stands for crochet a long..

I’m not a really experienced crochet girl AT ALL… and not a ‘pattern writer’ …but what I am is a person with a wish for fun and to share my enthusiasm with others.

In that spirit – I offer to those who want  it – the chance to sign up for WhimsyandCosy Blog emails… which will bring with it shortly as a BONUS  (during January I plan) the WhimsyandCosy CAL as part of a PDF WhimsyandCosy read 

It will be inspiration, encouragement and a simple – between friends-  plan (rather than a strict pattern)  for a small blanket we can all crochet ourselves but together.

… it won’t use overtly complicated stitches…and

…. maybe you can stash bust your yarn if you have lots

….if you don’t… maybe you fancy a visit to a craft shop to enjoy those colourful yarns…

You just need the plan and inspiration from me …and a little YOU time (but be assured I am writing it planning that it won’t be a massive undertaking time wise)

So if you fancy joining in and giving it a whirl – after all…there’s no pressure .. sign up for  WhimsyandCosy emails and if you like join my craft group on Facebook (search ‘whimsyandcosy craft club’) – where if you like – we can ‘ meet up ‘ once a month and see if we are progressing and post pictures.

It’s just for FUN 

Hoping you join me on this another fun challenge from 




Whimsy Colouring Challenge 2017

Well I love a colouring session – full of focus..creativity. ..and a bunch of pens with pretty colours. I decided to start a Colouring Challenge here at the blog…

The rules…

1. Have 6 colouring books (I do hope this is inclusive to colourists …feel free to adjust it to your needs)

2. A bunch of pencils/pens 

3. Enthusiasm 

4. A note to do the art😊

This challenge is to every month pick from your 6 books a picture to colour in the colours that best suit the season to YOU. 

Each book will be used twice for the challenge but do 6 in a row then start again so you rotate them well…

It’s going to be fun…I am going to select my books from my (heaving) colouring shelf…I am going to pick a varying selection. 

Feel free to share them via my craft club on Facebook – search ‘whimsyandcosy  craft club’



Here’s the thing… I’m a reader…and a book collector …now that’s a good thing BUT can lead to full shelves and a lot of decision.

Also there is the fact that of my physical books I have read MOST (pretty good one that) but some I hoard years and they get less appealing as I think I don’t fancy reading them…

Anna Hulse in my book club on Facebook  (search ‘whimsyandcosy book club’ to join us) has done the impressive and bold thing of clearing her unread books into a large shelf area and has plans to in 2017 read them or they must GO..

Harsh but fair…it’s like what they say about clothes but that’s for another blog piece.

I have a few books I’m just not sure I will read or even like and I would like to set myself the challenge. ..(I’ve not got 30 like Anna! – If I remember correctly what she said ) but it’s a motivator with my pile… 

I’m at this time planning to add the piece on just WHAT I have in that pile and why have I not read it yet into the whimsyandcosy PDF…which will be exclusive to my email subscribers. ..

So if you want to see pics of what I’m going to try and make the move on book wise so to speak …sign up for the blog fun and all will be revealed about the TO BE READ pile !

Do any of YOU fancy diving into those forgotten and ignored books this year? 



see Book Challenge for the whimsyand cosy challenge on general book aims 🙂

​WhimsyandCosy Book Challenge 

WhimsyandCosy Book Challenge 

for 2017

I love reading…and anyone who reads regularly knows this…

Hoping you would like to join the fun of a BOOK CHALLENGE with me or on my book club on facebook…both are here for you to enjoy all! There is a cozy mystery challenge list available for my EMAIL  subscribers if you ask- FUN 


Read a book you….
1 Feel represents the season…winter
2 Feel you have been putting off
3 Feel represents the season Spring
4 Feel you wouldn’t normally pick but might be a good read..
5 Feel represents the season Summer
6 Have read before
7 Have been given for a gift
8 Feel represents the season Autumn

9 Have really looked forward to

10 Read as part of a book group  (can join whimsyandcosy book club on Facebook if like )
Join the club – search ‘whimsyandcosy book club’

Hope you enjoy it


Festive Trees at Lacock Abbey


Since starting in September 2016, I am more than happy how WhimsyandCosy has taken off.

New people can arrive all the time, in case you missed any posts the categories and archives are available, did you for instance enjoy the Wander through this English Village or Festive time Here

Talking of enjoying, hoping you may make my Zozie’s Leek and Pea Soup

Or… my yummy Pie

Also, as you know I love my reading too, What have you been reading? December reading was enjoyable for me, especially the book Mistletoe on 34th Street

TODAY’S brand new visit though, is of the festive tree display held at Lacock Abbey around December time….

Lacock Abbey Gates


I love trees, and the tree display inside the grounds of Lacock Abbey, in December, are something I look forward to seeing if I am lucky enough to get the chance.

The many trees – placed inside the famous Lacock Abbey Cloisters  – (made famous in part – in recent years- by the filming of ‘Harry Potter’) are designed by different  schools/groups/clubs/organizations/charities for the event.

It’s beautiful and calming, fun to walk around, and a joy to see.  I want to share my wonderful time with you all out there as well.

Lets go!

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Soap Making with Katie Lancaster

I was lucky enough to have a good chat with Katie Lancaster, a member of the WhimsyandCosy Craft Club, see HERE, about CRAFT CLUB 

Katie and I decided to talk about her long time history in Soap Making. It was as fascinating as I had hoped and knew it would be.

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Mystery Blogger Award

OOH – I have been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award ( these type of awards created by bloggers and given to bloggers), it’s a bit of fun to participate and has no obligation.

There is me, Zozie, scheduled all my posts and ready to sit back and TRY and blog less ahead for Christmas  and then this little compliment comes my way and here I am with a special extra blog for you all 🙂

As a new blogger I don’t know much about all this, but I have heard the Mystery Blogger  award is for captivating, inspiring and motivating via blog… and to be honest that is SO MY BAG! (I try at least )

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