Maybelline Nude Palette

Most of you wanted a review on this little beauty of an addition to your Make-up bag, it really is good value and good result. Here’s my take on the Maybelline Nude Palette.

I am very impressed, firstly you get a lot of bang for your buck on this eye shadow palette, it contains twelve (count that TWELVE) shades of NUDE.  All different and ALL useful.

Now as of yet I have not got the whole ‘show your eyelid’ in stages of beautiful photography down pat, (Work In Progress) …I would still be having to watch for 1 – dropping my phone camera and ..2 – getting one THOUSAND fuzzy images, BUT as a real experienced makeup user, I can tell you I would RECOMMEND this set any day of the week to you.

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What I love is Maybelline eye palette simply WORKS, I have had them all with eye shadows generally, some that go caked very fast and clump about, (is that a technical term?).. some that are so PALE and look NOTHING like the shade suggested, (and PAID for) and some… that are just SO MESSY, you touch them and your palette is a MESS and so easily are your cheeks as a result.

To me its BEST POINT is that the color is STRONG and just as you expect when you look at the palette, that is where some eye shadows I have tried can fail a bit.

Maybelline Nude Eye Palette… I’m busy using it.

The LOOK of the set is very sleek and MODERN, I think it looks more expensive that it is, which leads us into the COST.. (which of course will vary country to country and over time)


Well, this palette… IS an eye-shadow, and as such,  WILL POSSIBLY be a BIT of the above, BUT is the best I have tried for a while on ALL those factors, and the price is SO GOOD.

Think about it, how much do YOU pay for a little one or two shadow eye palette?  To get twelve squares, (small but perfectly formed for eye-shadow) of the Maybelline eye shadow set, it is in UK, currently UNDER £8  (amazon UK).  It is a BARGAIN.

It will last ages unless you are heavier than I believe it is generally possible to be with eye-shadow.


Oh the VARIETY in this set is awesome, it really is, it is called NUDE but could as easily be called SHADES of BROWN & CREAM  or some such,  which is what it is.

All of its shades are different and the slight changes in color of shades are AMAZING.  It really does cover across a spectrum of the given shades, starting with the LIGHTEST of CREAM, and going in small increments to the DARKEST of BROWNS/BLACK.  If anything the emphasis is on the brown shades that are a bit darker.

It all seems covered here, so many wonderful browns like a forest, and they do compliment those lighter shades so well.

Here is just a few on my hand to show you

Just a few of the Maybelline NUDE shades.


What I find most effective on MY eyes is to go for the heavier color nearer to the eye to frame it, I generally only put eye-shadow on the upper lid  (under can travel around so easily!) and so I follow the contour round with one of the darkest shades usually.

After that I go for a lighter shade of Brown and use one or two coats of color, you can mix them up a bit too and it is not that hard to get RIGHT.

So I go from darker to light moving upwards and only use lighter shades nearer the top of my lid, darker can look silly very easily and can also be TOO MUCH. (That thing we are all hoping to avoid!)

With this Maybelline Palette there is a wide variety so you can mix and match very easily, it gives a LOT of colour combinations and is FUN to play with. Give it a go.  You could always practice before a big night out, or spend time on it on a night in.


The thing I love MOST about eye shadow, is it helps to make your eyes STAND OUT in your look.

It is good to give emphasis to eyes and with the variety, even in this NUDE set, it helps to give you a slightly different look variety to play with.

This means, that YOU CAN STOP your make up becoming boring to you and Maybelline Nude set DOES give you some make-up you can really PLAY WITH.  Which can be a lot of FUN.


So, if you would like to add some make-up to your routine that can give you a variety of looks in the more nature shades, then Maybelline NUDE Palette can give you a good variety of shades, while being good value for your pocket






16 thoughts on “Maybelline Nude Palette”

  1. I would buy this and the blushed nudes as well, if I did not have urban decay naked 2 and naked 3 palettes already. They look quite much like a dupes, but I have been really interested try out Maybelline ones and see if they actually work so well! If yes then it would be super awesome, cuz they are much much more affordable!! 🙂 The shades and palette itself, I think, looks very good :)Thanks for this interesting review! 🙂

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