Johanna Basford Inky Colouring plus Doodles

I love to encourage creativity, ask any of the members in my Craft Club, or my Book Club for that matter as I couldn’t help encouraging the creative in people … and so I formed the craft club I now have, you are ALL welcome to join in. We show each other lovely inspiring items of craft, and it includes COLOURING. Read WhimsyandCosy Craft Club

Join Here, love to see you there as well. We chat all sorts of crafts and art things.

I LOVE to colour, I have a stack of books and find it is one of my favorite ways to RELAX, when I want something that is completely ‘non screen‘ it really fits the bill.


There is something so soothing about getting it ‘set up’.  I don’t have a desk yet, but I have a nice lap tray and a case of colours, that I unzip with a satisfying PULL and then FLIP through pages of pencils and pens.I love this case, it can be bought from Amazon when I last checked and is by Derwent Carry All Canvas Bag. It can be great value at times.

Derwent Case, very useful and fun


Some of the pencils I have are very cheap and totally excellent, I recommend BIC TROPICOLOR  and also CRAYOLA, both seem to put down a lovely rich colour in shades you expect them to be, (red can be more challenging across the board it seem though) I have had some though, that were REALLY rubbish… won’t name and shame BUT I would advise you to stick to company’s that specialize in pens and pencils generally. Which is probably why I have found crayola so good. Everyone has their own tastes though and one pack doesn’t suit all.

My FAVORITE two sets of COLORS though, were birthday treats a year or two ago, still going strong as I don’t color EVERY day and also I don’t SHARPEN as much as I could, probably because I get all set up and then the sharpener is not as near as I would like!  How techie of me hehe.

So those favorites in case you want to look them up, are Staedtler ones that have a triangle shape, I hope they still are sold as I can’t see them now, they are a little expensive but not bad and are lasting me ages, and that goes for the classic Faber Castell ones too. They – both sets, are wonderful for the colour they give and the shading and layering of color opportunities they provide, not that I am an expert ‘shader’ but they are just FABULOUS to work with. (that is when you start to realise how some pencils you struggle with are very feeble…)


I also LOVE to use FINE LINERS and the best seem to be Staedtler and Stabilo, I have both and they are both as good, I find the Staedtler more smooth though.

What’s great about fine liners is you can color small bits with them (just look out for if it will go through the paper) OR for going around the edges to make pictures with pencil pop out more (ditto on the pen and paper issue). Some books are brilliant with this though. (In fact lots are I find).

Here is a picture of that I colored and used pens around the edges…

Zozie Tree house from Johanna Basford Artist Edition

How I enjoyed coloring this, so relaxing and satisfying.


I asked WhimsyandCosy Club members if any of THEM wanted to colour from Johanna Basford books, or similar, and I would pick my TOP 3 to feature here, I had LOVELY pictures submitted to the album and here was my TOP 3, (always hard to pick and ALL were so good!) See Colouring Fun – Johanna Basford

In no particular orderDRUM ROLL, I selected …

DEBBIE SAUNDERS Picture of this Beautiful NIGHTTIME Elephant,

I loved the night time background and the colours. So beautiful and well shaded.I loved the leaf detail and all the various colours, it is something I love to do as well.  Well done DEBBIE for this beautiful picture.

Johanna Basford Art Colored by Debbie Saunders

This second one I have picked is by

NANCY LARRY REMY who did this lovely Seasonal SNOWFLAKE Picture, which I know will be from the book Johanna’s Christmas.

What I loved about this was it put me in mind of festive fun and the colours are bright and really suit the festive topic. It’s such a picture that is filled with fun and it looks so neatly colored by Nancy. Well done NANCY, I love this picture.


and the third one I have selected IS…

From the book ‘Johanna’s Christmas’ the picture of the Arctic Hare colored here by 

DAPHNE LEIGH JOHNSON … I love this picture, so colorful and lots of fun!


Well done Daphne, love what you did.

Thank you again to all who submitted pictures, I truly thought they were all great… just had to choose.


Next up are the doodles from my CLUB, during November we had a list of doodle prompts for those who wanted to join in, (although lots keep it private I home) and here are doodlers who kindly showed me their work and I decided to put these particular examples of doodles on the BLOG for you all to see.

Thank you to all who love to doodle, it seems to have taken off on the internet with the growth of the journaling market. I think it really encourages people to get into art and be more creative, and to be honest a lot of doodles I see are not so much doodles as full blown pieces of artwork, ART  IS and always will be subjective and everyone should be proud of their art, all these are brilliant, I wanted to show you them. WELL  DONE.

IN no order but FIRST UP is

REBECCA TECHMEIER – for this brilliant pumpkin doodle

Pumpkin doodles by Rebecca Techmeier

Next up is

JAMIE JENSEN – Jamie was first up to the challenge and I love this cute sweet ELF.

This is my Elf of the season Jamie Jensen, well done on your doodling

ALEX BRAINERD – crept her way on to the post with some cross stitch version of a doodle! Love your work ALEX

Cross Stitch by Alex Brainerd

Now its the turn of

RAQUEL MARTINEZ – Love what Raquel did with the tree doodle in the dark, the tree is bold to match the black of the night sky, well done Raquel.

Love the atmosphere Raquel had created here

Last and certainly not least is


Alex is a really keen artist and posts lots of lovely pictures every so often in the WhimsyandCosy Craft Club, this picture of a FIRE that she did and it is so pretty, It gives out warmth in the feel it creates.  Well done! I love it.

Fire Painting By Alex Mac

I am so happy you shared these lovely works for us to enjoy and really appreciate it.

As you can see we have a lot of talent about at WhimsyandCosy Craft Club, Please do drop by yourself and join in the fun, you don’t need any level of skill and its all about the POSITIVE.

Get yourself a set of pencils and do a bit of art, it can be so relaxing.




20 thoughts on “Johanna Basford Inky Colouring plus Doodles”

  1. Was a lot of fun. I have a lot of coloring books because I keep wanting to do them, but always end up defaulting to “screen time” I am so glad I found your blog and others that enjoy the same and make me feel more motivated.


  2. Thank you Zoe! I just recently purchased the Derwent carry all, I love it! it holds everything I need. I agree on the pencils, they are expensive! But I’ve noticed the price of the prisma colors has come way down, I couldn’t afford to buy a set so I bought them individually at, every so often I’d buy a bunch and slowly built up my collection. Johanna Basford books are so wonderful I’ve been using them exclusively lately! I finished the Enchanted Forest (my favorite) and just bought another one! Happy art!


    1. Thanks Debbie for coming on and joining in – and loved your picture a lot…
      I’m glad you have the case too. ..I bought two as they were cheap at the time and I got extra leaves for it that way😊
      Come back to the blog soon!


    1. Thank you and yes it is nice to see others art too, that is why I run my craft club, I love how it relaxes people in general, glad you love colouring Debbie, If you see this reply, please let me know what sort of pictures YOU love to colour?


  3. I love this post ! It’s realy put me in the mood to have a go ! On the topic of pens , my daughter got a Harry Potter colouring book with a set of sharpies (fantastic gift !) and the colours look amazing (fine point ) . Right I’m off to raid my daughter’s stationary! I’ll join if I have the patience to complete one !

    Liked by 1 person

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