Lacock – Wander through this English Village

Oh how I enjoyed this little wander around the little village of Lacock, it is in England in the south. 

Often used for period dramas on television and movies because it is so pretty and old fashioned… with quirky buildings and interesting streets… it’s a LOT of fun to go for a stroll there.

Lacock, Love that village, it is popular tourist haunt as although small it has movie history (Harry Potter to Jane Austen) and it quiet, relaxing and calming in my experience. It does get busy at the most likely tourist times and seems to have tourist presence year round but it has a quality that generally charms.

‘Man of Mine’ and Myself took ourselves off there recently , the weather was kind, which was fantastic as we have been having a lot of rain recently, and we wrapped up warmly, shoes and boots, coats and hats, and off we went. It wasn’t our first visit and we really enjoy it there.

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and Collecting Conkers

With it being Autumn, Lacock is quieter than Summer, but still plenty of people, and each season brings it’s charm to a place – it’s not hard to find there, from the leaves and wooded areas, to the narrow streets and mixture of historical buildings, lots of picturesque places to gaze and a Bakery that all year round has a period feel.

Come wander through Lacock in this virtual visit for you to enjoy. 

Where to START…

The bakery

Lacock Bakery is small but really something, it has all this period quirkiness… a few more pictures coming  up of it so you can enjoy it even if you are far far away.

So cute!

‘Man of Mine’ and Myself were entranced with the little hedgehog loaves, I want to give that a try! You can see the quirkiness of the shop.

A vintage feel to the Lacock Bakery

More vintage feel quirkiness…

Bakery bike

This bike is always there , a permanent fixture of the bakery. It certainly reminds you of times gone by.

Lacock Bakery

These are at the bakery but ‘Man of Mine’ and Myself used to have some of these lanterns in our garden, they looked fabulous and are clever solar lights.  OURS have since given up the ghost, but they were great while they lasted.  (My favorite kind of candles are battery ones now and for the garden solar.)

If you were to enter the bakery, THIS.. is where you would pop into. It is like stepping back in time a little.

Lacock Pottery

This is VERY much like stepping back in time to see, and houses the Lacock Pottery. It sits opposite the church.

Plant sale

In Lacock people can get quite creative at times and this place often or always has plants for sale, it looks a pretty and interesting display.

Quirky wall display

Look – it is interesting to see what people will do to interest up their house sometimes, I really liked the unusualness (is that a word?) of this.

Lacock Stream

I usually have to see the running water, I find it very relaxing and so love this Lacock view of the stream/river running through.  Those pretty Autumnal shades as well.

Bakery tree and more of the street in Lacock

Another view for you of the street that houses the Bakery I have talked about, that is there tree in front of the shop at the moment.

Small Business can thrive anywhere.

Isn’t this ADORABLE, even on this hats and gloves kind of Autumn day, Lacock houses whimsical (YES!) things such as this stall set up on a garden wall with all kinds of sweet treats to purchase.

‘Man of Mine’ and Myself were very strong and didn’t buy any as we are cutting down on sweeter things and yet we still had a good look as it was so pretty, and we were not the only ones!

Lacock pretty sweets to buy

Such a colourful display with its flags and pretty jars/containers, even the Autumn shades on the building added to the charm.

Stroll through Lacock

So ‘Man of Mine’ and Myself wandered around the village some more, hand in hand, enjoying the nature of the season, such as the prettiness of this countryside shrubbery, don’t you love that cheerful orange shade even at this time of year, isn’t it clever. Great to see.

November Leaves

Isn’t this a glorious sight, We ended up our visit with a wander into the Lacock Abbey (a chargeable place if you want to go), it was a relaxing way to continue and finish up our visit, and I enjoyed some leaf colors of the season,  I do not know if I have EVER – till now –  seen such a variety of leaf colour all TOGETHER.

Beauty of leaves

I thought these leaves were so translucent and beautiful, look at those colors …. Mother Nature really is so clever isn’t she.

Winding up our visit, we gazed upon this gorgeous view of where we had just been, it feels so AMAZING and could NEVER fail to charm us.

Times like this creep into your heart to stay there tucked away forever.

Lacock Abbey

Hope I have helped you while away some time pleasurably, and until next time, 

Wishing you fun and relaxation. Sign up to keep up easily with all the fun here, I love to bring more fun to the world.  Enjoy.



29 thoughts on “Lacock – Wander through this English Village”

    1. I’m sure you would enjoy it Liz as it is so relaxing as a place to visit.
      Maybe make a note and if you get the chance go if you fancy, it is full of interesting little bits even though it is small.
      If you do go there I wish you a lovely day out.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Susan that’s so flattering! I hope you get there one day and have a beautiful time there too!
      In fact there are two more Lacock area Posts coming along in the next few weeks- I love blogging the great outdoors (remember you can sign up to catch the posts😊) – thank you for enjoying time here- hope your husband does too.
      Ps- see the Nature section for more English countryside 💛


  1. I’m jealous! Here in Texas we have a much different aesthetic so I don’t get many experiences like that. I’d love to.


    1. Thanks Matt!- nice of you to say…we certainly appreciate all that very much – it’s one of my favourite things – texas though! -you get authentic cowboy boots and hats along with a trip to Dallas😀 (loved that show)


    1. Thank you – I love having a good sense of appreciation and for these ways of spending time I certainly get a lot out of it – so at least it’s not taken for granted and I get to share the beauty with you here.
      Thank you for your lovely words.


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