Gifts full of Whimsy or Cosy

Well, with a title for the site such as WhimsyandCosy , I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share with you some ideas, to help if you have the holiday shopping to do. 

Some people are harder than others to buy for and some gifts are suitable for so many people,  some gifts for just one or two people you know,  or even just the one!

Either way I have traveled around my home looking about over the past month, getting ideas to demonstrate to you that buying gifts is driven more by feelings and knowledge of likes, more driven than things that aid a comfortable life, or that make people laugh.. than anything.


Firstly we can look at the whimsy – what even is whimsy – well to me it is something a little cute, a little different, maybe something that is a bit far out or a little charming.. all these things are hard to narrow down BEFORE you shop, they are the kind of things that you see on your travels, or while perusing online, something that you don’t see every five minutes and often something that if you go looking you just can’t find.

‘How will I find it then?’ you may ask, well, often the secret to whimsy shopping is to be open to gift collection ALL YEAR LONG, I love doing that, you often get something then that you may not be able to find later and you don’t get stress at holiday time of a LOT to shop at once. I am a big BELIEVER in the present drawer/cupboard/…wardrobe… and all I suggest is that you WRITE DOWN what you have gotten for WHO… as that can be very confusing later if not, or you can end up with stacks for the same person that you did not intend too.


  • Toys and Books can be considered whimsical by some I’m sure see me chat toys Here 
  • sf-box
    I love this toy!
  • Great books for the holiday season
  • See the Chatter Here
  • golden-books
    Great Fun Books

Here are a few things that I own, that were gifts to me and in my opinion quite WHIMSICAL.


My lovely Robin Ornament

Man of Mine’ treated me to this gift about two years ago, I love it, it is so sweet and cute, and I loved that he chose it for me

I even have love of the fact that when it arrived it was a tiny bit broken he told me – on the robins tail – and that he glued the end of the tail back on to fix it so I could still have the gift. Isn’t that sweet


So relaxing to look at, this whimsical house/shop.

This was sort of, a gift to me from ‘Man of Mine’ when we went to a garden shop towards Christmas one year, I fell in love with the little house, and wanted to enjoy it in then run up to Christmas, so I didn’t have to wait, got to put it next to the bed, where for ages every day I would spend some time with the house LIT UP, and imagine what the little people were talking about to each other, nice and relaxing it was –  the chat was about buying ribbons for bonnets and things by the way.  Well, they ARE in period dress…. you gotta SMILE.

In the art of FULL DISCLOSURE –  I think maybe the house is actually a shop.

and my LAST example of Whimsy for this time, is my PORTUGAL PLATE

My Plate

The Portugal Plate was brought back for ‘Man of Mine’ and Myself from a relative who holidayed in Portugal.

Now this can be a tricky one, we have not holidayed there, and as yet, have no association with it, BUT, I find this plate really charming, what I love is it colorfulness, and the fact it has a TRAM on, okay, this wasn’t known, but I have FOND tram memories from when I was a little girl on holiday in Dorset/Devon region of England.

What is also cool about this gift is it is not too big, so it’s easy to move about and doesn’t  dominate wherever it is put, I knew when we received it… I could get FUN from this plate decoration.  This is LUCK as well as judgement.  A nice gift.


Cosy, even the WORD COSY  makes me feel… COSY, all warm and comforted, as COMFORT is what cosy is all about is it not.

Cosy means love, means, feeling warm and snugly, means it reminds you of home. Cosy is simply one of the nicest words on the planet and to get someone a COSY gift can cover a LOT of ground.

Cosy is easier to buy than whimsy, depends on the person of course as some will shudder at cosy, but not many, and of those who shudder only about a third probably mean it and then they will be sad people who could probably especially use some cosy in their life, after all, isn’t COSY one of life’s greatest meaningful things.

Okay so now cosy is very hyped up.. the gift ideas I have for you are probably going to sounds a bit day-to-day, but cosy gifts are so much about the feeling, as are most gifts, but there is SOMETHING about cosy gifts, they are some of the BEST.

So when you see the suggestions. think how they would make you feel yourself, what you would like about it, and although when buying gifts we can’t always use OURSELVES as a barometer, in COSY we sort of CAN,  because the WAY cosy makes US feel, is the way most of us, I believe, feel about COSY.  ESPECIALLY when it comes from someone we LOVE. (although that is in no way a necessity)


IDEA number 1


How could it get cuter! – Snoopy pajamas

Oh how a pair of pajamas for a gift is gorgeous!

ESPECIALLY if they are cosy snugly ones, there are some fantastic PJ’s about now, and at this time of year the shops have some really fun ones that you just don’t see all year generally.

There can be PJ’s with maybe Polar Bears one, or Bears in Christmas Hats maybe, there could be pretty Penguins or maybe fluffy Reindeer… it seems all about the PJ TOP in the FUN FACTOR of Pajama buying.  It can be a lot of fun choosing as well.

Go bigger generally if unsure, as they can sometimes shrink in the wash I find, but watch the style of bottom halves as that can be more tricky.

Usually they are all a bit long on ME, and I need to hitch them up at first – especially on stairs, they nearly always shrink in the wash though! (even if I do it all correctly )

One of my personal faves for PJ bottoms are ones like leggings as then you just don’t get all the material drape if you are not that tall. Tall people are easier to buy PJ’s for in that way.

Next up…. its COSY SOCKS

Socks, so often joked about as a boring Men’s gift, (NOT necessarily)

BUT… say FLUFFY SOCKS to a GIRL/WOMAN and she will usually light up in a face of joy, ‘OH FLUFFY SOCKS‘, try it?  a GO TO GIFT if ever you need one for a Woman, it is something that keeps on giving pleasure, for a lot of washes at least and can really aid your warmth!

Socks can be really pretty as well and you can often have fun choosing socks, the department stores and supermarkets stock up often at Autumn as they KNOW – what is one of the things girls go for … a FLUFFY SOCK!  oh so easily underestimated….

That unassuming SOCK has snuck into THIRD position too… with the variation…


Ah those socks… there is another branch of sock we have not yet discussed and yet it is worth it, the word novelty I guess does not do it REAL justice, as novelty implies a short life span but,  THIS is the exception!  The novelty sock is never going to go out of style. (Almost the only thing that doesn’t!)

Cats in hats, fun socks galore.

What is great is trends change but the novelty socks just change along with them, and yet, you can get away with still loving your years old novelty socks just fine,

For one, the pleasure is usually in the moment you put them on, (and isn’t it great to have pleasure at a time when doing sock putting on is not exactly considered a FUN task )

Also socks are usually subtle, and say.. someone is going to a boring office job or something  – (I’m sure lots of office jobs are very exciting by the way) but anyway, IF you were going to a boring job, and you could wear trousers, then you can often get away with wearing say a pair of MUPPET socks, or maybe HOMER SIMPSON on your socks, and if spotted people would laugh WITH you, more than IF it were on your TIE- it is more likely to be AT you  (the novelty tie has a very SHORT lifespan by the way but could be reused for 20 years usually giving the wearer not as much fun as all who SEE it and laugh AT it, oh dear!)

Gingerbread Man socks – now WHERE are they?

I have some socks I love, and they cover various grounds , such as a giraffe on each foot that stretches up the sock, a clever idea.. and my current favorites are  DRUM ROLL UNICORNS, yes you heard it, my local fashion shop (NEW LOOK) had/have a range of unicorn socks and they come in different designs and they are my FAVORITES. In fact I am wearing some now and need to now look at my feet to remind me of their ace qualities… its TRUE. They are wonderful and are one of  the gifts that keep on giving….

My favorite socks because they are Unicorns, that is why…

I also have fun cat socks, cats in spectacles for instance,  (see above) ah the novelty socks are wide ranged and a lot of fun, they DO make a fantastic gift (have I convinced you and did you NEED convincing?) and it is usually easy to get the size right.

After a shopping trip, even in just a virtual way, maybe you want to settle down with something cosy to eat, to starve off the cold or fire up your energy, tuck into my yummy PIE recipe Here

In case you are hungry, my Pie

I do hope you have enjoyed our trip through some whimsy and cosy gift talk, both topics are FAB for gifts and I hope I have inspired you a bit and given you smiles on your faces along the way.

Please sign up to not miss out here, it’s appreciated – See you soon at WhimsyandCosy headquarters , bye for now….

Happy Holidays to ALL who celebrate.







14 thoughts on “Gifts full of Whimsy or Cosy”

  1. great post! all fabulously cozy ideas! i feel old, i remember going on a treasure hunt to find all those little sylvanian characters for my daughter for christmas. she still likes snoopy so occasionally, she’ll get those too. 🙂

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