Whitehall Garden Centre at Christmas

You don’t usually associate garden centres with being a destination aim at Christmas, but if you take the time to visit this particular one – Whitehall Garden Centre,  you will find you want to go back year after year.

To say Whitehall ‘go in’ for Christmas is a bit of an understatement, it really is so much more than the image of a garden centre at this time of year.

Anyone for choosing what is surely thousands of tree decorations?  want to choose Christmas lights to string along your house?  fancy seeing a Reindeer? … YES… you heard me right, a Reindeer… Fun for every age here.

Well, ‘Man of Mine’ and Myself  visited recently and I knew it deserved a whole blog piece by itself, wow did I take a lot of photos  (no change there then!) and it was something I would love to share the enjoyment of with you all – especially if you can’t get there for yourself.

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SO… let me take you on a little tour and show you why, – if you are every nearby at that time of year, –  YOU may like to visit Whitehall Garden Centre at Christmas as well.

Firstly, it is hard to know where to start... we started around in the garden outside, then saw some inside, then decided to go outside and then go in from the start and so it continues… yes it really is pretty big to tour.

Lets get into the photos, I am excited to show you…

Xmas Tree

One of the first sight we saw and already I was excited… here is another there that I love,

A Purple tree – Whitehall


Then soon enough we found the animals, I had been hoping and I was NOT disappointed. Do you  know, they smelt so good, sort of the clean animal smell… I had most hoped to see a Reindeer, after all, they will soon be busy with Christmas Eve approaching, glad they had time to stop by!

…Catching up on 40 winks or resting their legs before the big take off….

Reindeer at Whitehall

They were not alone, as nearly a cute couple of Donkeys were grazing, here are one or two to see for yourself –

Donkeys at Christmas, Whitehall Garden Centre.

Here is ‘his?’ pal

Such a cute Donkey

These sheep below were so funny, I don’t think I have ever soon such fluffy Sheep, busy eating the hay like the donkeys were.

Ah, such fluffy sheep at Whitehall



One of the next things we saw was Christmas Cheer by way of Santa’s Sleigh.

Whitehall Santa Sleigh

If you were SERIOUSLY hungry… and had a LOT of money for chocolate, this LARGE large Robin chocolate would set you back £99.99 (I could hardly believe it –  but it was large and handmade. (and on a very high shelf)

It is the kind of place too, wonderful for Children but not wonderful for reaching out and touching all the things for sale

That is a LARGE Robin of Chocolate

These acrylic figures would certainly light up some space, love them.

Festive Characters



Whitehall Garden Centre tends to have a theme as well for its spectacular Christmas displays, this years seemed to be FAIRY TALES.

See here the Alice in Wonderland display,  it seemed the most elaborate to me with moving characters and a wide space.

Alice in Wonderland at Whitehall.

My next favorite was the Narnia display, you always wonder what is through that wardrobe…

Narnia at Whitehall Garden Centre.

My third favorite was this display of Little Red Riding Hood, my phone lock screen at the moment…

Red Riding Hood at Christmas

Next up – who says he is a real boy…

Geppetto and Pinocchio

it is of COURSE Pinocchio.

This Pinocchio is in the workshop being created by master woodman Geppetto.


If you were looking for gifts, and wanted something with no theme of Christmas, there are certainly nice items about, such as these Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs – so pretty

Such a pretty display, everywhere you look are pretty displays, and I was very taken with this display of Soaps as well

*Read about Soap Making …

Gorgeous looking Soaps)

Such a colourful and pretty display of soaps, would last ages each bar I expect as well.

Whitehall Garden Centre Teddy Bears

These Teddy Bears are really a cute sweet collection of bears, they looked fun all together as well, they all varied a bit as well with their different amounts of stuffing.

I saw SO MANY nice tins as well, I was less into what was inside (lovely biscuits for example) and MORE into the fact the TINS were beautiful, some even played Christmas tune and were wind up, I was fascinated with them. The pictures on them were beautiful and you wound then up – clockwork type movement,  and they would go around like a carousel of sorts, of Christmas scenes.

Well I do hope you enjoy hearing about our visit to Whitehall Garden Centre and that you have some nice relaxing fun coming up whether you celebrate or not.

Happy December all.








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