Zozie’s Lemon Loaf Recipe

Lemon Bread… Hmm… I may have created a whole new ‘thing’ here with this recipe. Having been inspired by the fact in the Zozie household we are cutting back a GREAT DEAL on sugar, I set out to create a sort of cake/bread that relied upon the tart tasty lemon to bring a sweet zing to our taste buds. I want to share with you the recipe what was created.

We already didn’t eat that much sugar but with a bit of a requirement to cut back on sugar, it leads to more and more creativity in the kitchen at Zozie’s, and luckily I do love creativity. as many of you regularly reading may know, (seeing as my book and  journal club link HERE and  article about it Here – used to have a cooking thread, an art thread, a making something thread – the only reason it doesn’t now is I created a craft/art club as well – join Here and read about it Here   Plus see some results Here!

Anyway, back to the task in hand, we have established I love creativity, and so I set to work making a lemon treat to be a HEALTHY snack.

I am not a nutritional expert, but from what I have read Lemon is an amazing thing, it is of course sweet/sour tasting, and acidic in its ‘bite BUT,  and here is the ‘THING’, during the bodily processes it actually has an alkalizing effect on the body – which is in fact VERY good for everyone generally as most of us have a diet high on acidity, like for instance, meats that we think of as savory and not acid, do have an acidic effect on the body, so my aim is to bring the balance back around to the Zozie household having a more alkaline environment. Techie bit over but it is what I have gleaned from the internet! non expert that I am but anyway, just chatting and hope it is interesting to you what I have heard..

Back to the recipe, Using my kitchen knowledge of the yummy butter, flour combo, I set to work, my trusty kitchen aid to help – but it is no way a requirement, it’s just a chance to use it…

Here is how it turned out

Ta-DA – Zozie’s Lemon Loaf

If you want to try it in YOUR household, here’s HOW… it’s quite simple and I added no salt but you could if YOU wanted, and a dash of almond essence or similar if you liked…

I include as much of the ingredients to be organic if possible when I shop, but that is personal preference and in no way essential.



100g unsalted butter (or salted if you prefer of course, after all, you are doing the cooking)

2 eggs, – I like free range organic but the choice is of course also yours  – medium sized.

13oz  SR Flour (SR is commonly used in UK, it means plain with a raising agent such as baking powder included in it)

4 Lemons

Bit of Butter for greasing the tin.

*optional – 1tsp Valencian orange extract.

*bought this at the local supermarket and wanted to try it when I was creating, to be honest I don’t think it made a lot of difference and will play with other additions like the almond essence I mentioned above, and the trusty vanilla extract would be lovely too.


The method is simple and HERE IT IS..


1  In the mixer, or BOWL, put the butter chopped up.

2  Add the flour to the bowl and then…

3  Add the eggs, maybe give them a beat first if not using a mixer.

4  Cut your lemons in half after washing and drying them, and squeeze out all the juice you can, removing pips. Add those to the bowl.

Told you it was simple didn’t I – 

5  Add your orange extract if using or equiv, and of course if you want some salt you certainly can,  I wouldn’t put you off,  I just try not to add salt unless I really need to as I like the good health aspect.  *You will notice that in ALL my recipes generally but you choose when you make it of course.*

6  Mix the ingredients until it makes a kind of batter and you feel some air has been folded in. The time for this will vary depending on mixer and elbow power. Some minutes at least.

7  Grease a  (2lb?) loaf tin with some butter or oil that you oven cook with, and put the mixture inside, smoothing  the top as much or as little as you fancy.

8  Bake the Zozie Lemon Loaf for approx 35 minutes at about 180 degrees C

9  When it comes out the oven, let it cool down for a bit, but.. while still warm – if you catch it, slather it with some yummy butter and bite in, knowing that this has no sugar added and in my case no salt added either and that YOU have read this recipe and that YOU have made it.  I am proud of you.

It is so good to make your own yummy food, and I do hope you have fun making this sometime – having a healthier snack with your ‘beverage of choice’….. ENJOY

If you fancy more cookery , take a look at my delicious Chicken Pie  Here  or make some Soup the Zozie way  Leek and Pea anyone?

Hope you join me again soon, Please do tell your friends, and sign up if you hope to catch every post.  I just want to spread as much positivity as I can to you all.

Take Care
















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