Here’s the thing… I’m a reader…and a book collector …now that’s a good thing BUT can lead to full shelves and a lot of decision.

Also there is the fact that of my physical books I have read MOST (pretty good one that) but some I hoard years and they get less appealing as I think I don’t fancy reading them…

Anna Hulse in my book club on Facebook  (search ‘whimsyandcosy book club’ to join us) has done the impressive and bold thing of clearing her unread books into a large shelf area and has plans to in 2017 read them or they must GO..

Harsh but fair…it’s like what they say about clothes but that’s for another blog piece.

I have a few books I’m just not sure I will read or even like and I would like to set myself the challenge. ..(I’ve not got 30 like Anna! – If I remember correctly what she said ) but it’s a motivator with my pile… 

I’m at this time planning to add the piece on just WHAT I have in that pile and why have I not read it yet into the whimsyandcosy PDF…which will be exclusive to my email subscribers. ..

So if you want to see pics of what I’m going to try and make the move on book wise so to speak …sign up for the blog fun and all will be revealed about the TO BE READ pile !

Do any of YOU fancy diving into those forgotten and ignored books this year? 



see Book Challenge for the whimsyand cosy challenge on general book aims 🙂


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