It’s the WhimsyandCosy Crochet a long 2017

It’s the whimsyandCosy CAL …which stands for crochet a long..

I’m not a really experienced crochet girl AT ALL… and not a ‘pattern writer’ …but what I am is a person with a wish for fun and to share my enthusiasm with others.

In that spirit – I offer to those who want  it – the chance to sign up for WhimsyandCosy Blog emails… which will bring with it shortly as a BONUS  (during January I plan) the WhimsyandCosy CAL as part of a PDF WhimsyandCosy read 

It will be inspiration, encouragement and a simple – between friends-  plan (rather than a strict pattern)  for a small blanket we can all crochet ourselves but together.

… it won’t use overtly complicated stitches…and

…. maybe you can stash bust your yarn if you have lots

….if you don’t… maybe you fancy a visit to a craft shop to enjoy those colourful yarns…

You just need the plan and inspiration from me …and a little YOU time (but be assured I am writing it planning that it won’t be a massive undertaking time wise)

So if you fancy joining in and giving it a whirl – after all…there’s no pressure .. sign up for  WhimsyandCosy emails and if you like join my craft group on Facebook (search ‘whimsyandcosy craft club’) – where if you like – we can ‘ meet up ‘ once a month and see if we are progressing and post pictures.

It’s just for FUN 

Hoping you join me on this another fun challenge from 




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