Journal Love – A Celebration

Lets celebrate the journal…. Why do we love our Journals?  I’m going to tell you several reasons why  (and I think there are a LOT of them….)

Journals are massive right now, you see notebooks of all sizes, thickness, paper quality, different designs. 

I have spoken to others to ask if they will also share with you what THEY love about THEIR journals, and they DID… it’s all HERE FOR YOU as you read, so many varied reasons… so fascinating, and I appreciate all the contributions to the article in the quote section.  ENJOY THE INSPIRATION….

Some of my collection of journals


So many types of journal of course,  there is the blank, the lined the dotted, the grid,… 

Would you like hardback or soft back, does it need to be portable, how big a bag are you prepared to carry? 

Then of course do you need to transport pens, washi tape, (unheard of by many this time last year) …sticky notes, fine liners, how do you like YOURS?

About Journals

It seems journals are EVERYWHERE, (or is it just as I’m looking?)  Always have been and always will be. Since I was a tiny girl , with my little lock and key diary – as we called them then – Journals have gone from strength to strength and seem to be riding the wave of popularity with the Bullet Journal or Bujo, as it is affectionately known.

I have loved journals FOREVER, it comes and goes a bit in waves but it never goes far I always say and I will never lose my pull toward the stationary section of a store, that fun feeling of seeing all those pretty notebooks and pens, all those possibilities of what can be noted, what dreams can be shared,  or what can be remembered and with the Bullet Journal all of those in one book, Ryder Carroll made that EXTREMELY popular in the last year.

Of course all journals are unique to their owner and all are set out in the ways we all choose, part of the fun of journaling, bullet journaling or otherwise, is that we can set things out just AS WE LIKE, and we can write in it JUST WHAT WE LIKE as well.

Here was my first chat with you about journal… Journal Love!

… and how I love writingHere


Let’s celebrate the journal love.


We can show everyone or no-one, it’s between us and the paper! (although many love the idea that we can leave them to travel through the family after we have stopped being embarrassed by what we may have written.)


My Journals

I wanted to start the year by celebrating the journal, and for me it really IS a celebration. It has changed my life, and many others, for me, one of the ways is since my latest wave of journal love see Here for that

…I have been riding a wave of creativity which drove me, in my passion for the noting, sticking, drawing, that  I was doing since discovering the bullet journal – to firstly start a BOOK and JOURNAL club on Facebook, since renamed to the WhimsyandCosy Book Club – only for the shortening of the title!   (join  HERE )  –   Journals will ALWAYS be welcome,

….and then to start the WhimsyandCosy Craft Club, ( Join HERE )  –   for lots of fun art and craft with others, fun challenges and showing each other our W.I P . (works in progress… always too many!) 

Some of my latest achievements are HERE

My art notes  on a Spring day out a while back.

At the moment I journal in a lovely Paper chase Bird notebook, that’s my bullet journal of sorts, I also have a Jane Austen notebook for things I read I wish to remember from my reading, along with 2 planners, a Kikki k and a Filofax, (I keep changing the uses of the sections!) and I still use my lovely TN which contains separate little notebooks and has been mostly used for several days out. Suffice to say, I still have more journals on my wish list, I just keep finding uses for them and they fill me with a sense of fresh organization ideas, practical and fun.

I can’t help journaling with a sense of fun

*All the photos in this piece are my journals, – except Katy’s level 10 life journal picture further down*


What do others love about THEIR journals?

I ASKED OTHERS  if they would tell me for the blog, what THEY love about THEIR own journals, and I had lots of interesting replies, I want to share them with you and hope they INSPIRE YOU to start a  journal if you haven’t tried but are interested, or if you just wonder what IS the fuss about them? –  well, quite simply, they can CHANGE LIVES.



Traci Sprain Hubbs

As a wife and mother with ADHD, it helps me to be productive and actually run my family. I don’t have to remember things, I just have to remember to check my journal. It has been a life saver for me. Before, my husband would be so frustrated because I would forget things but now I have a place to keep anything and everything that pops into my brain. No longer do I have great ideas I forget. It’s all in my journal.’

Miranda Johansson

‘It’s the only way I can let all my thoughts out so I don’t get overwhelmed. (Aspergers/autistic here)’

Katy Watkins

My journal is very different to a typical journal. I suffer a lot from anxiety and my journal acts as a planner, a tracker (for habits and expenses etc), as well as for dreams, bucket lists. I have pages of writing like a normal diary when I fancy it or I create whole playlists. It’s cut my anxiety down so much.’

Katy’s Level 10 Life Spread


*Level Ten Life is very popular in the media right now if you google it, its a way of planning what areas of your life you want to improve on and was hitting the lights because of the level 10 Success concept in the popular book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod*

Lisa Hummel

I keep a journal! It helps me to calm down and sleep better, when I got my thoughts and worries down on paper and out of my mind. But also it helps to keep memories that I might forget otherwise.

Melisa Barton

I keep one, I write down things my children do, say, all their milestones, my sleeping dreams, my thoughts and feelings and opinions, my goals and dreams. I also use it for writing about books that I am reading. I have a great need to write in it everyday, I don’t want to forget the little or big things, once forgotten I can’t get them back and it’s my safe place to share my feelings and thoughts without judgement.

Jonique Pitt

‘I do for memory keeping, venting, bullet journal, commonplace journaling and notes’

accountability. I live in my head so much and my journals get me to really define who I am and what I want and take concrete action towards my goals

Teresa Emery Lawrence

‘Yay for bullet journaling!!!!! I love having my life laid out at my fingertips. I love always having it with me and being able to journal at a moment’s notice, being able to find important information when I need it and not relying on my faulty memory to keep me on track. Journaling in general allows me to mentally process my life. I can more easily digest what has happened as I journal about it.’

Sherrie Mueller Woods

I have kept a journal since I was in middle school, but just started a bullet journal, I’m really enjoying it

Alex Brainerd

Bullet journal here too….I am actually going to do 2 next year…one for all of my creative stuff and another one for everything else.

Linda Phillips

I do a weekly spread every Monday which makes me focus on what I have to do and the occasional ramble where I sit and write everything that comes out of my head – that’s good for sorting out emotions. My dad passed away recently and I had a few pages of favourite memories and photos. I tend not to have lists for the sake of lists or pretty drawings x

Missy Elliot (probably NOT the famous one!)

I keep a bullet journal. I use it as a planner and as an artistic outlet. I am not naturally gifted as an artist, so I use my bujo to doodle in, to zentangle in, and to keep track of lots of things, such as books I want to read and things I want to accomplish.’

Pamela Joy Green

I’m hoping that my journals be a place I can destress and plan for years to come. Want to finally finish writing a novel next year and start working on my big adventure in 2019 to see my brother in Hong Kong as well as more of Asia. Also to help me get settled in California within 2 years (I love Florida but I feel California is my home)’

Katie Lancaster

I love lists, I need lists to keep things running smoothly. In addition, I track progress on goals, note daily joys, keep my menu, etc, etc, etc. Plus! I do little bits of art….drawing, writing, painting. My life is between those covers.

De Williams

‘I like the idea of all being in the same place. It has replaced 2-3 different notebooks and loose notes. It also allows for some creativity and inspiration. I have always like handwriting and getting stuff out of my head onto paper.’

Back in the day, I used a very similar process in a simple steno notebook At work. Every phone call, notes from meetings, to do lists, i could answer any question by looking in those notebooks.’

Teri J Schultz

I use a binder rather than a bound journal. Best thing about this method as I can remove mistakes or add in where I need to!

I have it set up in 2 parts, with separate index. The front is the collection area. I can keep my ‘collections’ (which are very practical – ‘to do’, ‘need to remember to get this…’, ‘deadlines’, and so on) and not have to copy them over.

In fact, I don’t have to copy over anything. The second section is my planner (calendar). I have it going two months ahead because that’s how much I have to plan out. When a month has gone by, I remove the weekly pages and others from the month but leave the monthly page to refer back to. I’ll hand bind the entire 2016 in January.

I love having everything I need in one place…and that place travels with me.’

Oh… I absolutely don’t keep a ‘diary’ type journal. One thing that really impressed on me as a kid (thanks to Pres. Nixon)… NEVER put in writing (or on a tape) what you would not want to see on the front page of the Washington Post!!!

And luckily for us Teri knew it was going in here and still spoke!

Or on a blog or Facebook! LOL

Kay LaJaunesse

it’s completely flexible, it helps me improve my artistic skills as well as helps me stay organized and productive! And it doesn’t cost much to start

Z Marie Krick

I used to be a Prolific Journaler. I filled many a book as a teenager and then in my twenties it started to slack. I started working with cell phones and I would use my phone and many many apps to track things. I also had a separate calendar. Starting two years ago, apps weren’t working as I couldn’t use them immediately at my job. So now I use a bullet journal for everything. It condensed everything into one space and I use it every day.

Plus I like the options of things you can do, artsy or plain it’s awesome!

Emese Tunde Nyilas

 ‘ I see my journals as my horcruxes 😀 They keep different versions of me alive, and they will still do that after I’m gone (if my kids don’t burn them, that is)

Jessica Russell

I’m about to move house, and going through all my thing I found my first journal from when i was 15 😂😂 I tell you, 15 year old me was a mess! But to see myself grow in those pages was a fabulous read

Myra Harrison

I like to keep everything separate to their own journal. I keep a journal just for my thoughts and if it gets a bit sloppy it doesn’t matter, I just get things out of my head. It helps with my anxiety and depression. It’s a simple lined journal. My bullet journal is a dot grid journal. I like to keep this strictly “business”, so I use it for bills, household related things, appointments etc. I add a little artistic flair to it using washi tape, motivational quotes, a few pictures, and colour. I feel that these things makes everything seem less of a chore this way. This sense of organisation helps reduce my anxiety somewhat, and helps me keep to a daily schedule which can be hard with depression. It’s quite a motivational tool. My art journal is a good quality plain cream art paper book. I want to be able to have the freedom to explore ideas fully in it. I like the ability to be able to go from pencils to paints to pens etc. in it. This is where I am the most free and expressive, and where I can experiment with my ideas visually. I prefer not to overlap any of them and keep them as solo journals as I feel they all benefit me in very different ways. I don’t feel that merging or overlapping them in any way would work for me. I can be more efficient with them being separate.

Kara Lynn Simpkins

It is flexible. I can do basic for the weeks I’m busy or I can get more creative.  I can keep everything in one place.’

Caro Nighof

‘Keeps my head clear! I’m a crafty girl, so making my journal beautiful is relaxing-time for me. Every month I’m making a ‘look back’ or ‘memories’ page, live to flip back and watch back at all the great things in my life! Makes me happy!’


So as you can see very clearly,  these are a few examples of what sorts of things journal keeping,  in its many forms, can do to help us in our lives.

For me it certainly feels a clever mix of ‘timeout’ and also feeling more organized and that I am going to accomplish more… of course it doesn’t always mean I do, BUT I have found when I am looking at my organization part of journal more often I do seem to get through more.  I think it is because the more I look at i,t the more it reminds me and there IS something satisfying about that tick on paper of having DONE it.

Having said that, I don’t get sentimental or gush myself about a to do list… that’s just me,  I do only if if contains things I want to do that are FUN, or if I made it look so pretty it was a total pleasure to write, –  for me the pleasure in journaling is to relax and to organize my head, to remember things and do some fun artistic things that are like being a child again, not that I want to be a child again, but because there will always be that part of us and I think that if we don’t lose it we have a better time with all the adult things in life.

My Midori TN and 2 cute bears…

Do you ever journal, are you a big list maker?  Do you look at pretty notebooks or new pens and think what excuse you have that would make them useful to you?… Maybe, just maybe, this will be the year you do journaling, it’s not like it costs a fortune to start, and it is something that we can grow to love doing.

That has to be a good thing, (and there WILL be more journal posts coming up…)

SIGN UP to not miss out (and to get on the WHIMSYANDCOSY FREEBIE EXTRA list!)

Wishing you a year full of fun, creativity, and relaxation.





21 thoughts on “Journal Love – A Celebration”

  1. I have quite a few pretty journals myself. I mostly use them to take notes on books I’m reading, blog planning, and one I use to record dreams.

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    1. Useful AND fun Susan😊…bullet journal is more popular as lots don’t do it TOO traditional and just like having all in one book …I use various books to journal /bullet journal in.


  2. I love journaling…it has changed my life!! I feel like journaling has taken off and is so popular now that it could very well change our world! People are so much more mindful and kind! Friendships have developed from all over the world…journaling is the best epidemic our world can finally embrace!!

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  3. So much inspiration here. Myself, i always kept a work journal with shopping trends, sales schedules, and employees strengths and weaknesses. I had others for sales strategies and product knowledge. My journals helped me to measure improvement, and discover the trends that caused improvements or trends.

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