All about Crochet and you


Do you crochet and have you ever done a CAL? (Crochet-a-long)

See Here for info on whimsyandcosy CAL 2017

It’s fun to talk crochet it’s one of my passions!

Read about it more Here

I find crochet so relaxing and so creative, it is fun to think what may be made or could be made, what new patterns will be followed, what new ideas you may just think of and create even without a pattern… also the fact you can make things in all those wonderful colours, the pleasure of beautiful yarn is really a big part of it. Yarn is such a nice tactile thing and I have found some very inexpensive yarns to feel lovely. (Plus wash some yarns in the machine – bonus)

Also do you have many works in progress? – I don’t want to build up too many, I would rather ‘frog’ them than that, if you wonder what that means it means undoing all your work, very easy to do but not a very fun thing!  Not something I have done yet. (starting again yes, not making it no)

There are so many ideas of what to make now – especially with great magazines and you tube.

I would love to hear if you do crochet, or if you plan to start learning it, it really is easier to learn now with You Tube to help.


I have had trouble understanding some patterns, especially with the way crochet patterns can be written in USA or UK terms, why oh why!  I am so familiar with some stitches but others fill me with the ‘concern‘ LOL.

For me, somebody showing you on You Tube in a calmly real-time way is one of the easiest ways to learn and there is a pause button to use, and I have used it. You have to work out which terminology they are using themselves though, mostly – hopefully – they do say. Or their accent gives it away.


The thing to remember is one of the BEST things about crochet is the inspiration it gives, and that it is just supposed to be a bit of FUN.  I guess no one who crochets has not struggled with something  at some point.

We must all go easy on ourselves about how WHAT WE make (or not) matches up to what our plan was and how the picture looks.

We wouldn’t get the sense of achievement if it was THAT easy, and I have already achieved more than I thought I would, so onwards  – towards the next crochet time, with a few works in progress and some hope of more completed pieces to enjoy.

It’s all in the name of FUN.


I learnt a lot from a magazine part work called ‘The art of crochet’  which I collected for a little while and had/has some great reference in it. (and you got yarn with it which was really fun for starting my yarn collection)

As I have said You Tube, I had some help from ‘Happy Berry Crochet’ doing crochet, and I love to watch ‘Jayda InStitches’ she is so funny with lots of cool ideas – brilliant.


Be ready when you start collecting yarn that you may never stop – its a fun ‘problem’ though!  Although I have barely bought any this year after getting so much last year, so I have done well.


This year may see some of you try crochet for the first time and if so I wish you luck and encouragement.  It is a fantastic hobby. Well worth trying in my humble opinion.

Happy Crafting

… and do JOIN me in the whimsyandcosy Crochet- a -long. Simple crochet no pressure fun.. look for the email sign up box


I love yarn

10 thoughts on “All about Crochet and you”

  1. I’ve never done a CAL in ‘real’ time before, I’m currently working on one but a couple of months behind. I’m determined that I will do one though, just have too many projects on the go right now.


  2. As you know from following my blog, I have not long got the crochet bug. After learning some stitches with a tutor, it is now crochet what I would like. This being a striped blanket for my bed, in colours to go with my bedroom colour scheme. The blanket idea an inspiration from yours as you know.

    I am enjoying and just working on this project at the moment, before I try anything else. But I can see me doing a few blankets. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes blankets are a cosy love and glad you are doing yours.
      You can always email sign up and put it aside even if it’s done late- just something to bear in mind.
      Good luck on your blanket though. ..and THANK YOU for being inspired by mine😊

      Liked by 1 person

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