Crochet-A-Long 2017 announcement 

As you may know I recently announced the WhimsyandCosy crochet-a-long challenge for 2017….it should be fun.

I think and hope there are a variety of you joining in -I also hope some will be a part of the discussion on how we are doing at the WhimsyandCosy Craft club on Facebook.   (Search ‘WhimsyandCosy Craft Club’ )

I wanted to tell you – for those joining in (you need to sign up to whimsyandcosy by email to qualify ) that the THEME of the blanket will be SELF CARE! 

How better than to use Crochet as a way of increasing your happiness and me time!

Read about the CAL Here

And my crochet history... Here

….I can’t give all the detail/secrets away here but if you want to join in please sign up and very soon I will send you details.’s not going to be complicated at all if you know the basics. 

Remember details will come via the WhimsyandCosy free PDF book arriving on your email soon …covering a variety of topics to entertain you and give you some (I’m sure much deserved ) me time!

I’ve been working hard on it as a treat for you. 

So the WhimsyandCosy Self Care Blanket CAL…will be launching VERY VERY SOON!  EXCITING!  – It’s going to be special and, I believe,  could really improve your life! (I am not exaggerating! )

Dive on board!! – and get ready for detail…. make sure you sign up for blog emails to not miss out.

Happy Happy New Year Friends 



14 thoughts on “Crochet-A-Long 2017 announcement ”

    1. Hi hannah-so glad u want to join in…
      Basically sign up for blog emails using the email box dotted about the site – make sure you confirm it from your inbox …
      Then you will get the whimsyandcosy freebie which includes detail on the CAL. (During this week most likely as am sorting it )
      If you want to join in monthly chats on how you are going please apply to join the ‘whimsyandcosy craft club ‘on Facebook IF you wanted too.
      Let me know if you can’t sign up for any reason


  1. I’m laughing to myself because ironically my 10 yr old and I decided to teach ourselves how to crochet last week. Let’s just say it hasn’t gone well LOL! I’m now looking for one of those looms that you just wrap the yarn around haha. Maybe someday we will get it!


  2. What a wonderful idea to create something beautiful for yourself. There is nothing like the comfort of curling up with something warm after a hard day.

    Liked by 1 person

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