Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts as Doctor Who?

I love the Harry Potter Books and as such was keen to read the book of ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’ by J K Rowling.

At Christmas I was lucky enough to be given the book, a lovely deep blue and gold look lettering, hardback, and it is of the screen play so reads in a very unusual way.I had high hopes.

Just finished reading it!  and can really see ‘Newt’ as a Doctor Who…

I am writing as a person who HASN’T seen the film so I didn’t know the story –  I think that is a help enjoying it to the maximum as I had that page turning feel to find out WHAT happened

Such as review ..HERE and read about my book challenge WhimsyandCosy Book Challenge  and BOOK CHALLENGE TBR 2017

When I first started to read the book,  the screenplay format was most odd and I wondered could it be as good as I hoped. ..however it straight away DID have an interesting start. (Newt’s briefcase.)

Also I enjoyed reading the PLAY version of the book ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ (only way available right now) so that gave me hope I would soon  disappear in to the story line as it feels inside my head as a reader!

Lovely UK Edition of Fantastic Beasts

This book was similar in that way to reading the cursed child,. .it is certainly NOT my preferred way to story read though. think it’s not for all enjoyment wise to read it as screenplay.  It’s totally different to the comic relief book from years ago that is more of a textbook for Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Although I see a new book is coming out that looks like it MAY be an updated and more posh version of that one. (oh no – I might want it!)

Firstly Newt is a great character to step in as our lead as a kind of Harry Potter replacement

He is a  kind and funny character. ..interesting and to be honest would make a great Doctor Who – he really reminded me of doctor who as I read,  and I wondered if J K Rowling thought of David Tennant in doctor who at any point while she wrote!

….Newt even wears a similar shape coat, but different material, also he gets very passionate when his creatures are threatened and steps into another universe of sorts…….  when he steps into his briefcase… – no sonic screwdriver mentioned  or talk of a TARDIS though. Would make a great COMIC RELIEF sketch though for TV. (they could have David Tennant as Newt and Eddie Redmayne as the Doctor couldn’t they)

Anyway I digress from telling you about my read… 🙂

The thing I liked best about the book was the humor and the warmth in the story (hope they retain that as the story goes on, those parts add so much to the read) . .. the jewelry shop scene and the mating dance bit were SO funny (and David Tennant could play the comedy of this role brilliantly if they had wanted an older guy) and this should be so FUNNY on the movie (looking forward to seeing it!) …the whole way Newt can step into his briefcase into another world is so cool. I am sure Eddie Redmayne does a fantastic job, I have not seen the movie yet as I said, I think Eddie must be brilliant to get cast in such a funny and dramatic role.


Jacob is a brilliant character to have with him- I was sad then happy at the end that’s all I can say without spoilers but I do hope he can be a continued part of things. ..he should be!

It’s strange it was set in new York when Harry Potter has been so British – a few more Harry world references wouldn’t have gone a miss…but it all flows okay and people adapt. can you not with a whole bunch of magical beasts to discover. So interesting.

The artwork in the book is captivating. ..I stared at the little illustrations lots. ..simple and yet swirly and complex. ..yes that’s my technical terms  ha ha.

The book went from humor to NO humor as you can guess following in Harry movie footsteps, and I think the movies will only get more heavy ….I DO hope they retain the lighthearted funny parts though as those bring so much to it as I said earlier.

I really recommend the book and think Eddie Redmayne must be a good actor to portray such an interesting funny reserved character as Newt…I imagine he does a great job and look forward to seeing the movie VERY much.

Hope you enjoyed my little chat with you all, more Fantastic Beasts blog chat coming up,  remember you can EMAIL sign up (scroll downwards on mobile) to not miss out and get the whimsyandcosy PDF reading experience.

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16 thoughts on “Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts as Doctor Who?”

  1. My son really liked the book too. He was surprised at how much more detail there was in a movie script (Fantastic Beasts) versus a stage play (Cursed Child). It took him a bit to get used to but then he loved it too.

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  2. I had to check out your post after you mentioned you blogged about Newt! I actually heard Matt Smith auditioned for the character and was too much like the Doctor. I have a suspicion that Newt is one of the Doctors regenerations…bigger on the inside. Awkward and doesn’t understand social constructs. Takes companions with him to save species humans don’t understand….Doctor.

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  3. Having seen the movie and not read the book, I can definitely say that you were not alone on the Dr. Who translation of Newt.

    The move was executed beautifully and magically! You will really enjoy it my step son and I saw it in 3D, definitely worth the inconvenient time slot of the 3D version!

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