Zozie’s Turmeric and Cheese Loaf

I have been busy baking with the help of my trusty Kitchen Aid and a bit of CREATIVE INSPIRATION, to make a lovely  (I hope, it’s in progress as I type,… raising on the kitchen table in the sun shine)…  Turmeric and Cheese Loaf

I put my creative hat on metaphorically speaking and thought about WHAT would add a small delicate kick to what is a VERY LARGE batch of dough that I have created this morning in the kitchen, while overlooking my frosty garden on this cool day outside.

You could also try my trusty easy PIE recipe Here or soup deliciousness  Zozie’s Leek and Pea Soup- 12 easy steps.

I decided that to add that trusty kitchen favorite, CHEESE,  (I prefer organic Farmhouse cheddar but you use whatever suits you of course)  Cheese is always a crowd pleaser I feel.

Not adding too much – as I didn’t want to shift the traditional bread style loaf too much today,  I wanted something to give a little creaminess to surprise you, taking a bite, as you slather it in butter and dive in, preferable with a cup of tea and feet up while watching some good TV or movie.

I looked at my herbs and spice pots around the Zozie kitchen, and decided you can’t go wrong with mixed herbs in my experience, so I put in some pinches of that, that air of herbs wafting up to me even from the dried in a jar, its popular for a reason, it packs a punch.   (In a gorgeous gentle way)

Then I wanted something a bit more EARTHY, Stronger, something to add, again in a small amount, (a LOT smaller if you compare to the cheese of course)  It’s my FAVORITE SPICE of all time – TURMERIC, it is SO CLEVER, as it adds that deep undertone, that bit of colour (although I have so much dough rising the turmeric would be hard pushed to make a dent in that color) along with the fact that I keep reading about how GOOD IT IS FOR YOU. HOORAY.

So they are my STAR ingredients, my kitchen secrets, (that I am encouraging you to make alongside me) and I hope that you try my LOAF for yourself and let me know how you get on If you have time.  I love to hear.

Here are some pics to enjoy from the process…

The flour is almost ready to go


I love using the kitchen aid for bread making.
Cheese ready
Bread ready to rise.
Wow! – it did go down a bit  but still very big loaf.

Here’s the RECIPE,


1kg strong white bread flour

2 sachets of 7g instant yeast

600fl oz tepid water (I like to boil the kettle and then use some of that and cool water to get it to the tepid stage)

1/4 of a  teaspoon of turmeric or Half a teaspoon of it, it’s up to you which you would prefer.

4 pinches of Dried Herb mix

I cup (USA measurement) of grated cheddar Cheese, with a bit saved back for the end part of the recipe.



I  used a mixer so adjust this to suit if you have a bowl, wooden spoon and your hands only – I have done that stacks with bread making.

1  After weighing (the ingredients not yourself!) Add the flour, yeast to the mixer bowl

2 Add the turmeric and the dried herbs, admire how pretty it looks.

3 Add the water, it is a lot!

4  Attach dough hook or get arms ready for action, and its MIXING time, remember to use the FOLDING method, just a certain flip of the wrist, it will be online in plenty…

5 I would suggest mixing for a good few minutes, it gets more air into the mixture, and hopefully it looks like a loaf dough for you now.

6 Remove dough from bowl, (my bowl is often getting stuck on my mixer and won’t budge, so I have to wait for Man of Mine to release it – lots stronger than I am,  but the dough comes out of the bowl so I don’t have to wait till he is about, phew)

7 On your chopping board give a few extra folds to the dough, it pretties it up and somehow I think it adds that extra bit of air that helps the rise.

8 Place your dough on to a greased oven tray, I have a lovley pyrex one, that I am a huge fan of, but there is a LOT of choice out there.

9 Rising time, how, hopefully you have a sunny warm spot around your house, I today chose the kitchen table as the sun was streaming in at a certain angle so there it is sitting as I type, going to check it now!  See if it has puffed up a bit, FUN – hopefully!

  • Yes the loaf got totally HUGE*

10 Now it’s all huge and glorious, great thing with not rising twice is you don’t get that moment when it looses all it’s air, never fun, but this is a faster loaf so one raise is all you need. Before you put it in the oven, sprinkle the rest of the cheese over the top but a bit of gooey yumminess.

11 Basically, when you are happy it has risen enough, over an hours at LEAST, pop it in the oven, heat 230, for approx 40 minutes, keep an eyes on it if possible but don’t keep opening the oven door or it will go flat. Be aware the container you are cooking it in will make a difference to cook time as well, if the loaf is on a baking tray rather that a baking dish as I used, it may cook faster than mine did, and if you break it down into rolls, which you could, they would cook faster too.

Yummy Bread the Zozie way

12 Leave to cool, that a tough one, and then get your carving knife and cut DELICIOUS thick slices (or is that just me) and put on your organic non salted butter, (or is that just me as well) and sit and enjoy the fact you can’t get a fresher bread than one you have just MADE YOURSELF, with simpler ingredients than you tend to see on shop label, it has just got to BETTER FOR YOU. 

Zozie’s Turmeric and Cheese Loaf

Plus take photos before you eat it all, it’s such an accomplished feeling…

Enjoy that supper

Bye for now from Zozie’s Kitchen

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