Author Interview – Amanda James

The treat for you today of an author interview.

As you know I love reading…  I had so enjoyed reading ‘A Stitch in Time’  that I  wanted to share the interview I did with Amanda James the author, a while back.

‘A Stitch in Time’ was a FASCINATING read…GREAT for those that like adventure in their reading… with some time travel reading excitement thrown in. 

WHATS NOT TO LOVE reading a good book… To hear more about the writing of the book from the author’s experience, do read on…

       1 What gave you the inspiration to write ‘A Stitch in Time’ and do you read a lot of science fiction?

‘I was playing around one day trying to think of a new catchy title for my next novel. I always have to have a title at the head of the page or I can’t write. I wanted something that people would recognise and then it just came to me. The story just came from nowhere when I had decided on the title. Quite spooky really. I don’t read any science fiction. I read The Time Machine by H. G. Wells as part of my degree, but that was it.’


  1. Are you an ex history teacher? – Or would like to have been? – Lots of research needed for the Stitch book!


‘Yes, I was a history teacher for seventeen years and then gave it up to follow my writing dream. I did some research, but I chose to send Sarah back to the time periods that I loved teaching, so I didn’t have to do too much.’


  1. How long does it take you to write a book and how much is pleasure /hard work?

‘It depends. A Stitch in Time took only six weeks! The whole thing just flowed, but this is unprecedented. It normally takes around six months or so. I think it is a mixture of hard work and pleasure. If the whole thing flows it is the best feeling in the world, but if you hit a slump or find a problem to overcome in the plot, it can be damned hard work.’


  1. It must be hard to say goodbye to fantastic characters like Sarah and John in ‘A Stitch in Time’, it is for us readers! Hence the follow-up, is it harder to write a second tale and may we get a third?


‘Yes it was so hard to say goodbye to them both, so I was thrilled to visit them again in the sequel, Cross Stitch which came out last December. It was a little tricky writing a sequel, as it had to be both a ‘stand alone’ for new readers and a follow on for those that had read A Stitch in Time. I think I managed it though, and there are some interesting new characters to meet too. I have no immediate plans to write a third but I think there might be one in the future – the sequel  is left open, just in case :)’


  1. What do you like to do that we may not know about you?


‘I like cooking, singing in the local choir and walking along the cliff tops near my home on the North Cornwall coast. This is where I feel connected to nature and I often plot new ideas while I am walking too. My most recent paperback, books, Somewhere Beyond the Sea and my just completed, Summer in Tintagel were conceived in this way.’


  1. Who would you like to play Sarah and John in a movie? And would you keep tight control over the script in case they mess with your characters? 🙂


‘I would love to see my book turned into a movie! I originally said Johnny Depp for John but I think he might be a little mature really, so what about Aidan Turner – the new Poldark? He’d have to change his eye colour though. And for Sarah, perhaps, Rosamund Pike? I would try to keep control of course. I wouldn’t like it to be too different from the story.’

  1. What is your favourite way to write and get in the zone?


‘I sit and look out over the fields to the thin blue line of the Atlantic in the distance.’


  1. E readers or paperbacks? And what do you like to read Amanda?


‘I prefer paperbacks, you can’t beat the feel and smell of a real book, but I read in bed at night so find Kindle very useful. I like to read mystery/suspense mainly with a bit of the supernatural thrown in if possible, as my favourite author is Dean Koontz.’


*Interview first published on my FB page,  page NOW named WhimsyandCosy*

Well everyone, I hope you really enjoyed that and of course again, really appreciate that Amanda chatted to me and allowed me to entertain you.

Really recommend popping to where you buy books and looking up ‘A stitch in time’… I still want to read the follow-up.

Take Care


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