Life with Zozie January 2017

Hi all, so good to catch up with you and I thought today I would do a bit of a ‘my latest’ type post, it feels like a good way to say hello and get you up to date with some of what is running around my head.

January is often not an easy month is it, I LOVE Christmas and as such although start the new year with a fresh start mentality I think it still is not the positive boost to me that November and December is, in fact I love Autumn so much and Winter can sometimes feel not as fun BUT I am determined to embrace every single season and its joys and what I love BEST about winter is the COSY aspect. 

It is the season for warmth (even if its easy to feel a bit chilly) and for hot drinks (same in Summer though!) and for blankets see Crochet Fun HERE and in my case ‘slankets’ … more on that later.

I wanted to tell you what I am up to, reading, craft and more this January .

For starters…


I am reading Molly MacRae at the moment, a cozy mystery series called HAUNTED YARN SHOP, sounded a great title, and it’s the first one that I have, called ‘Last Wool and testament’ – really enjoying it but reading slowly, will be blogging about it when finished and going into detail. I’m nearly there.

Apart from that I have been reading an issue of ‘Glamour’!


On TV (UK) I have been enjoying the new series of ‘The Voice‘ and the new dance show called – wait for it – ‘Dance, Dance, Dance‘ (where the celebs who CAN dance for sure )- act out the routine to pop videos which is fun and can be a reminder of old songs. Man of mine and myself like to settle down for those 2 shows of a weekend and during the week we are watching ‘Sugar free farm‘ – another reality show, celebs on a farm with a sugar detox for two weeks doing farming work…

We eat light when it comes to sugar here so at least we don’t get that guilt factor watching….BONUS


Also we like to watch movies snuggled up on the couch, this weeks delight was ‘ Alice through the looking-glass ‘ from last years movie releases.

It was superb… and just what I needed as I have felt more stressed than I want and it was a great unwinder.

Man of mine watched it ‘for me’  but did enjoy it as we didn’t know the story and it was full of drama. (in return he took himself off to watch Deadpool upstairs yesterday and although had wanted to see it wasn’t so impressed and told me I was right to not see it – way gory – yuk!


I am pleased at my craft progress this week, I have been pretty regularly crocheting and made a really good start on the Zozie blanket for the BLOG crochet-a-long 2017.  More info WhimsyandCosy free PDF – Have you got yours? 

Some of you joined the ‘whimsyandcosy Craft club’  on Facebook – (search as written here) and I hope I can hear of progress from any of you on here on comments or via the club or contact form on here. It would give me great pleasure.

I have done about 6 rows I think and have found it meditative bliss crocheting those lines in front of the TV this week.

Who doesn’t love an owl taking care of their crochet


I like the battery candles now for relaxing with a candle, and here is a find I love from last autumn. Love it.

Such beautiful holder for a Candle, I love this on my dining table. Love the wood so much.
Must remember the Candlelight more – so relaxing.


I started with renewed vigor like probably many of you, doing okay but I soon realized I set my bar TOO high, but I am pleased with my  January progress and I know this week has been about me needing more REST not  EXERCISING,  I will chat more on all these topics soon though on the blog as and when time allows.

I have so much to tell you all on various topics, feel free to let me know in the comments what YOU most want to hear about, what are your favorite blog pieces?


I am not sleeping that well and simply need more ideally, trying to get to bed sooner, one of the main things is I seem to sleep lightly and wake up easily then I can’t get back to sleep for ages, but I am trying some Hypnosis track for sleep as part of my new habits. It didn’t help last night but was nice to listen too.

Any sleep tips from you appreciated, it can get a bit of a cycle where you worry about it which doesn’t help.


Am trying to stop all internet around 9pm now, as a general thing, and I am not counting my newly discovered love of watching  YOUTUBE like TV –  being Chromecasted onto the main TV from my phone as that is like watching TV. It’s a brilliant discovery recently as it is like having your perfect TV in a way.

I have SO MANY you tubers lined up to watch, I like craft/colouring/art ones along with Journals/shopping  ones best! Please give me any suggestions you have! I binge watched some Zoella last night.(she rearranged her wardrobe, although I was in and out the kitchen so didn’t see it the best, and she sent shopping with Alfie and it was more interesting than it sounds.) Im late to the party with Zoella channel – I couldn’t believe she mentioned doing that since 2009? – or maybe it was blogging more than vlog then.

Hard not to smile when you have Gingerbread in your kitchen.


Art is one of my favorite ways to relax and I have a blog piece coming out of one of my new purchases, I have been sketching and colouring LOTS, mostly in Millie Marotta book called ‘Wild Savannah’. Show you in a bit.

Also was very pleased with my recent drawing of Newt from Fantastic Beasts for a sketching challenge as the WhimsyandCosy Craft club on Facebook, it was fun.



Journaling is giving me a great deal of pleasure and so is STAMPING in it, not physically stepping on it lol, those wonderful little stampers that decorate your pages, it’s a FUN thing. Will talk more stampers another time.

COSY with a COZY

Loving my clever blanket with sleeves perfect for TV/Reading and Crochet… may talk more slanket another time. Remind me to tell you the story maybe of it.


My precious Slanket


Bye for now, Please do comment me any sleep tips, or favorite blog pieces or general hellos, it’s always welcome and lets me know what you like best and when YOU most like reading the blog?

Hoping you are well and Happy





3 thoughts on “Life with Zozie January 2017”

  1. Good Morning!! I too have trouble sleeping…somethings that I do are to turn the lighting low an hour before bed, listen to soft music, I journal and read devotions, I pray, cuddle and my fiancé massages my head, I also have to take some sleep meds because I literally did not sleep for years. But it is non habit forming and I don’t need it every single night, but it has been a life changer!

    Also I’m reading the new Chip and Joanna Gaines book: The Magnolia Story and I absolutely love it! Chip and Joanna are so much like my fiancé and I!

    Hope these suggestions help and keep us updated!!


    1. What a lovely reply Ginger- so nice to talk to you.
      The low light and soft music could be really helpful to me. You are so right about cuddles – I love them!
      The head massage is an interesting idea ..I may ask man of mine to generally give that a go!
      Sounds like your book is good – I’ve not read that but will look it up.
      I love journaling too.
      I will do a February update and let you know how it’s going – hope you subscribe as it’s lovely of you to drop by.


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